Life Is Full Of Opposites

Life Is Full Of Opposites

This week on the healing list I wrote briefly about giving and receiving, so for those not on this list I’ve pasted it right below…

I am often told, quiet vigorously, that it is much better to give…

And that indeed, I should do so vigorously too!

But please do stop and think before you buy into this too deeply.

For life is all about balance – yin and yang…

So, it has to be ‘equally’ good to RECEIVE too.

I’m all for that… 🙂

People rarely have a problem giving…

It makes you feel good about yourself.

But just remember none of us can do it efficiently, if the other person does not allow the receiving.

And if you are a give, give, giver…there will come a time when you will have to receive it back!

Ten fold I heard someone mention 🙂

So this week let’s practice receiving graciously.

For it allows others to feel good in return 🙂


Yes…a simple ‘Thank you’ will suffice.

Not the usual…

‘No, I couldn’t possibly’…

‘Oh, it’s too much’…(as if you are not worth it)

‘Oh, for me’?! … (as if you don’t deserve it)

You know what I mean, I’m sure.

So – graciously 🙂

Just a simple thank you…

But you can then listen to what goes on in your head…

See where you are really coming from.

See what you really feel about yourself.

But the other person doesn’t need to know that!

Graciousness then this week, OK?

Right then, isn’t it funny how life is so full of opposites?..

Sunshine or rain.
Black or white
Happy or sad.
Sickness or health.
Poverty or abundance…

Now, if you are experiencing one aspect continually, then you are resisting the natural flow of movement towards the other.

If you are in constant pain – then stop resisting pleasure in your life.

If you are having a poverty episode, stop resisting life’s abundance.

If you are depressed and feeling down – stop resisting the joke 🙂

You see, our journey can be enlikened to an ocean crossing…

Short and choppy, like a drama queen in a soap opera – addicted to highs and lows whether physical like food and drugs or emotional like abusive relationships.


Still as a millpond, with all your sails up and going nowhere – perhaps you failed once and now won’t even bother trying again.

You look good, but life is dull and boring.

Safe, pretty as a picture, but you might as well be dead. The puff has gone out of your sails.


Mega stormy, extreme junky, alive and vital – but often self centered and not able to connect with others – the ultimate loner.

But you could travel on an even keel – riding the powerful swell of the ocean – like a dolphin. Happy, carefree, harmonious, connected and in tune with your environment and others.

Totally in, and of, the flow.

Gently rolling along in complete confidence knowing you are at the helm and that you can ride through any storm and come out the other side safely.

So stop resisting the natural flow of movement.

If your life is not working in any way, then trust yourself…

You will know what to do instinctively.

Follow your intuition…

If it feels comfortable, if there is no resistance or tension in your body, if your mind stills and your mouth curls up into a smile, it is right for you.

Remember – if you are struggling, even a tiny bit, you are not doing it right.

Now, recently we have mentioned feeling down, quite a lot.

Well, intuitively, I know the swell of energy is moving up again… so don’t resist.

Things are on the up – no matter what…

…so, just know – it’s good enough to be true 🙂

Happy sailings me hearties.

And my warmest regards as always

Judith & Chris

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