Light Shining From the Masters Eyes


Good morning all!

Q – I realize that you have been inspired by song titles in previous Sunday Chats.

One that would make a nice start to another Sunday chat is “The Master’s Eyes” by Van Morrison.

It came to me in an inspirational way as I recalled the phrase:

“The light shone from the Master’s eyes” and

“The truth shone from the Master’s eyes”.

“And the questions all were answered, when the light shone from the Master’s eyes”

So, Master… shine some light!


I think what you are referring to here are the three main ‘energy centers’ as described in many Oriental energy practices… Qi Gong, Tai Chi etc.

Meaning the eyes, solar plexus, and kidneys.

The kidneys are your storehouse or batteries, the solar plexus your ‘gathering’ centre and the eyes ‘gaze’…

The eyes are indeed like windows, where you can gaze upon all in a sweeping glance, absorbing, sensing, noticing…

And without so much as a blink of your eye, you can convey an emotional response from deep within you.

The connection is immediate.

Just watch someone in love… ‘I can’t take my eyes off you’. oops, is that another song… ha ha ha!

Or a Mother’s ‘look’ that will stop a child from doing something that’s, maybe, naughty.

Many people suggest you can give Reiki via your eyes… and so they should – eyes are indeed very powerful energy transmitters.

Your eyes will hold your focus and intention.

To give Reiki via your eyes simply ‘see/sense it’ flowing like a softly focussed torch beam from your eyes and/or third eye. Allow your eyes/vision to soften so the edges blur slightly.

Allow your eyes to gently penetrate through the exterior, deep into the person. Or far away, to wherever you wish.

Like day-dreaming but holding the vision in your head and project out with the eyes.

Using the symbols couldn’t be easier either, just draw them out with your eyes over the person or object

But the eyes are so much more…

Not only do we use them to gather ‘insight’ from others, by looking into their eyes but we also ‘give away’ our true self too.

Short-sightedness is more common in youth and that is when we’re self-absorbed but often deny or ignore what are our own problems…

what is it about ourselves – we do not wish to see?

Conversely, long-sightedness is more common as you get older and have a better overall, long-distance view of life and proceedings…

…hopefully, this comes as wisdom!

Healing others without your glasses will give you a better insight as to how YOU actually view the world.

For how can we gain true ‘insight’ into others if we cannot see ourselves…

What does your eyesight tell you about yourself?

This has been revealing to me too just writing this and giving it some thought.

I can see without glasses, even to drive but I do wear glasses for reading to crisp up my straight edges and stop that fuzzy felt look to the words!

They give me a sharper more precise, picture.

I often find I am busy giving help to others and ignoring myself.

‘I cannot see what’s under my own nose’…

It’s good to spend a day without any help for your eyes… no glasses, no lenses, etc.

Let your eyes be true for you. Let them show you the real inner workings of your soul.

What really happens when you stop PRETENDING you can SEE and have to stand on your own two feet.

At least I can see my Sunday Lunch without glasses

If you do have eye problems or life is difficult to visualise ahead at present, then spend some time giving Reiki solely to your eyes.

Draw a symbol of your choice over your palms, say the name 3 times and cup your hands gently and place them over your eyes.

Just let the Reiki run for as long as it feels good.

This is very restful and refreshing for your eyes.

Try doing it for a few minutes several times a day and see how your eyes respond.

This is great after sitting through a movie or working at the computer

Or for ‘party’ eyes…

Let’s all ‘see’ if we can have a POWERFUL Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend…

Judith 🙂

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