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I work on a locked psych unit. The clientele are usually detoxing from alcohol, opiates, etc.

How can I, as a practitioner, use Reiki in a clinical setting for patients experiencing painful detoxes such as gastric upset, limb pain, headaches, sweats and fevers, anger, depression, etc – as the chemicals leave their system?

Of course, after asking and getting permission granted. Have you had any experiences in a client like this or similar to this? Thank you.

And my answer:

A… Well, as I’m repeatedly saying – it’s better not to try and treat a specific illness or set of symptoms – simply share your Reiki energy with no preconceived ideas of a specific outcome or specific ideas of how you should go about sharing.

So, let’s just go over exactly what it is you’re doing when you decide to heal a situation or person.

You approach the situation in your mind with the idea that you’re going to heal ‘it’.

But really, what does that mean?

As you connect with ‘it’ (this unbalanced energy) YOUR energy becomes an influence upon it.

When you start to draw Reiki symbols, chant mantras, wave feathers about, or whatever your thing is, you’re really steadying your own energy.

And it’s YOUR steady and balanced energy that produces the calming and soothing effect on the ‘it’. (the person or situation)

The more calm and assertive, steadfast and true YOUR energy is, the more influence you’ll have on the ‘it’.

Because the two energies must come into harmony together.

Imagine the ‘it’ energy is like a pack of wild dogs – you walk in, calm and confident, and the pack settles down.

But YOU are the calming influence.

You walk in and your energy BLENDS with the surrounding energy.

Just like walking into a room for an interview.

It’s the same ripple effect.


When YOU begin to wobble you can indeed call upon your Reiki energy but it’s to settle YOU and, by default, the surrounding energy.

YOU are the port in which the stormy seas become still.



By becoming a strong and influential, calm and assertive energy, other energies around you, will also settle into their own harmonious vibration too.

And others will call you a natural healer

And I don’t agree that you have to ask a person’s permission to simply help and support them with love.

You’re not invading their rights or privacy or person.

There’s only one energy – so this imbalance, if you’re aware of it, has a connection to you.

You’re simply correcting a part of yourself!

You’re ‘influencing the flux of The One Energy’.

But here’s what I perhaps might do if I were in your situation…

It’s more a case of don’t DO… simply BE.

As I entered the unit I would silently go round the ward, in my head and greet each person with the words ‘I love you’…

…starting with I love Judith (me) first

Any inter-action with a patient starts with the words ‘I love you’ – not out loud of course, or you may not be leaving at the end of the day… ha ha ha!

Now to me, your biggest helper in this closed environment would be water.

Every time you’re near water or any fluids containing water – give the blessing ‘I love you’ or you can use any or all the Reiki symbols.

This includes bathing or showering the patients too, not just drinking.

Reiki is also known as the energy of Love and so the two can be mixed, swapped or juxtaposed at any time.

Keep it simple and simply radiate a calm and steady loving energy.

Love is about accepting and saying yes.

It has no labels, no pre-conceived ideas and no judgements.

As your patients energies may fluctuate wildly, YOU are the one constant balancing force.

They’re the wild pack of dogs (figuratively speaking) and you’re the calming influence.

Remember also – it’s never about others or out there, it’s always simply about you

If you remain calm and assertive, steadfast and true, then so the energy around you will reflect this.

For you are Reiki and Reiki is another name for YOU

For you are Reiki and Reiki is another name for LOVE

“Make Reiki – not War!” … ha ha ha!

Chuffin’ grand!

Judith 🙂

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