Mini Reiki Treatments

The question: Mini Reiki Treatments

Q… Hello,

My youngest daughter is prone to minor ailments. I wondered if all symbols have to be used or if “mini” treatments can be done to concentrate her energy where it is needed most?

Such as using the Power symbol with the master symbol and the fire symbol, then sealed with the Power symbol?

thank you so much

And my answer:

A… Mini treatments would be perfect – simply play with what sequence of symbols suits you, and the occasion, best.


If your daughter is so prone to ‘mini’ upsets in her energy, then perhaps a more careful peek at what is really going on would be in order.

Might I suggest mini sessions when needed but a course of at least three 1 hour sessions, as close together as possible, might just get her over the emotional hurdle that is creating all these mini do’s in the first place.

Just a thought.

Judith 🙂

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