Movement is Good

Movement is Good

This continues on from my article on the theme of meditation which I sent you a couple of weeks ago. If you missed it, you can find it here

Okay then, so now that you’ve sat around for a while being meditatively idle 🙂 – you need to move!

Remember – all action stems from non-action so come on, let’s get moving.

This movement should ideally enhance your breathing and flexibility.

Deep breathing increases your oxygen (O2) content and increased O2 content means a happy, healthy body.

With enough O2 the cells of your body can perform all their functions properly and without undue stress.

You can absorb energy easily.

You can utilize energy easily.

And you can dispose of waste products easily.

There is a light aerated feel to your body.

This gives clarity of vision and an animal like power store of energy – just ready to spring into action.

It’s no good leaping into action though, if your body is not flexible.

For just bending down to put your shoes on, could ‘put your back out’!

So a good choice of movement is one that, gently, increases and maintains your flexibility.

We find Tai Chi is perfect for us…

It gets us breathing deeply and it certainly keeps us flexible.

It appeals to my sense of dance, especially if we do it indoors to music – whilst appealing to Chris’s love of martial arts.

And, quite wonderfully, by slowing down with this form of exercise we find ourselves much more able to keep up!

Perhaps it’s because, in creating this slow movement we find our stillness, and…

…come to understand the Yin and Yang of it all.

Perhaps it’s because of the extraordinary way a flexible body opens you up to a flexible mind…

With the ability to adapt, adjust, access and accommodate to new and exciting ideas, concepts, adventures, etc.

Who knows – it works for us.

And it may do for you too – but everyone’s delightfully different.

Just find a way of movement that’s enjoyable for you.

Listen to your body… I love to dance. Others love to swim. Some like to run, others walk. Some like to join a gym, others use a video at home.

Whatever your preference, just do it.

And then do it some more.

Walk instead of using the car.

Use the stairs instead of the lift.

Then notice how the more active you are the slower your pace of life!


It is common sense to take a method and try it.
If it fails, admit it frankly and try another.
But above all, try something…

Franklin D Roosevelt

Well, we started with non-action using meditation which has led us to action.

But remember, all movement leads back to stillness because, always, one is within the other.

Every day we should incorporate movement of some sort into our lives.

For it stills our restlessness and brings clarity to out thoughts.

When our path is uncertain it grounds us and gives us balance.

As we rush headlong to our destination, it slows us down so we may appreciate every step along the way.

So, no excuses… get going!

Start simply, and gently, with something you enjoy doing.

If you hate the word ‘exercise’, then call it something else, and ask yourself…

Whether you are on your journey through life carrying the desire to reach your peak or not?

Climbing peaks is strenuous at times but it does get easier with practice.

In the last analysis, our only freedom.
Is the freedom to discipline ourselves

Bernard Baruch

Fabulous – what a way to start the day, week, month, rest of your life.

Meditation and now movement…

Well done you.

Speak to you again next week, and in the meantime I send you my warmest regards.


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