Not Feeling the Reiki 1 Energy

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Not Feeling the Reiki 1 Energy

I hope you can help me. I have completed Reiki 1 but I do not feel anything when I use Reiki on myself.

I read that using antidepressants can block the flow of energy. I have been on Zoloft for MVP (Mitral Valve Prolapse) for over 20 years.

Do you think this could be causing a problem for me?

I Love Your Articles… IN LOVE AND LIGHT 🙂

And my answer…

A… Reading your email your whole energy feels muted… but, look at your life this way…

If the outer reflects your inner, then what feedback do you get when you’ve used your Reiki?

What are the tangible, visible results you get?

Ask your friends for feedback about any changes they have noticed in you. 🙂

Some people never ‘sense’ a thing physically but that’s not to say their Reiki is not flowing well and powerfully too.

Look in the mirror and see just how glowing and radiant you’ve become 🙂 See how relaxed your face is.

There will be signs. 🙂

Perhaps you cope better with a crisis, maybe you are less irritable, or your laugh is deeper and more true. 🙂

The trick is simply to notice the changes.

Even after 20 years on drugs I think you will sense something changing, if you just look in the right place 🙂

And another question…

Q… Hi Judith,

I’m hailing from St. Louis in the USA.

I’ve gotten interested in the pendulum phenomenon and wonder if there is any instance where Reiki is used with such a device?

Thank you for the meditations — they’re just too wonderful. 🙂

And my answer…

A… We have quite a lot of chat about pendulums in our Inner Circle but not much here on the site.

All crystals respond, and can be ‘charged’, with Reiki, so a crystal pendulum would be wonderful to have.

You can use it during a Reiki session, to dowse for hot spots, or energy changes, or whether the condition is physical or emotional etc…

You can dowse after a Reiki session to check any changes in their general energy, emotional state or chakra energy…

You can use them to help you decide on how to proceed in a distant healing session too.

Even dangling it over the map at the point where they live.

And very handy for dowsing above an animal, unless the cat decides to play tennis with it…ha ha ha!

There are lots of things you could do!

Just use your imagination 🙂

If you connect well with a dowsing tool then that’s an extra benefit you can bring to your Reiki.

Remember… whatever WORKS for you, is right for you and will increase your confidence and therefore your abilities 🙂

I’m glad you like our meditations too 🙂

Now just remember that chocolate around your mouth is a complete giveaway, so don’t deny it, simple smile with satisfaction… ha ha ha!

Judith 🙂

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