Nothing But Reiki

Good mornin’ all,

OK, last week we had tingling, heat and whizz popping questions.

Ahh! Yes, I hear you say, but what about those of you who feel nothing!

So, for those of you who sometimes, always or never, actually feel any Reiki flowing, in your hands or elsewhere…

This one’s for you 🙂

Do you feel ‘nothing’ when using your Reiki energy?

OK, so let’s try sensing your energy a different way.

If nothing’s the case, if that’s YOUR predominant ‘sensation’ then nothing is what you need to sense more of.

Are you following this?

Because even NOTHING is SOMETHING!

Sensing more of nothing, confirms this is your way of sensing and using your Reiki energy.

Each day do a session on yourself for at least 10 minutes.

Don’t go overboard and try and force yourself to feel stuff.

I want you to drift into your nothingness.

Float there, wallow in it.

Sense the stillness, sense any ripples, sense whatever there is to sense about YOUR ‘nothingness’.

Own your nothingness.

Your nothingness is the absence of warm, cold or tingling.

Those are the common sensations.

Your nothingness is a vast emptiness, a void filled with light, or a pitch black hole, thin, fragile, robust, supportive, shallow, enveloping or whatever!?

Whatever YOU sense about your nothingness is unique to you.

Then have fun concentrating your own nothingness into your hands.

Bring on the nothingness, call upon your nothingness, your stillness.

Be a blank canvas.

Become one with the void!

The more nothingness you can concentrate on and feel or observe, then when you do sense a ‘something’ – it’ll be a guide about the other person’s energy for you to read.

Or about your own energy for that matter.

‘Something’ will suddenly become very pronounced and significant.

Or not…

Perhaps what you’ll share is that blissful state of nothingness…

How marvelous will that feel to someone who has a lot of ‘somethings’ going on.

You could be the empty vessel that all problems disappear into.

So you see, nothing is not nothing, it’s actually something – to YOU.

All or nothing? It’s ALL perfick!

I hope there’s a bit of something for lunch! 🙂


Judith 🙂

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