Observations On This And That

Observations On This And That

Well it’s been a funny old week this week I can tell you…

Not sure where to start really, so I’ll just chat away out loud about things that have happened, so to speak.

On our way to the groceries the other morning Chris commented on the green colour of the fields – partly because it means the big lawns we have will need mowing very soon… ha ha ha!!!

It’s such an English habit, of course, a bit like cricket and cups of tea Smiley

Yes, I know that fields are green…!

But the vibrancy is coming back.

It’s as if spring heralds the return of COLOUR to the world Smiley

Well, it certainly does in England after the dull grey and brown of winter.

You see, I love being in and around yellow and spring brings lot’s of yellow flowers.

And, probably because I was also born in springtime, it seems to sit very well with me…

…it’s just marvellous…

The daffys are popping, the crocus are out and the cherry trees are beginning to blossom too.

The light filters differently and makes things look brighter and sharper.

You really can feel the seasons change in your being or ‘bones’… ha ha ha!!!



Another event happened mid week and I wondered why, for me personally.

What was the message I was sending myself?

I asked for help and support… biggy for me… ha ha ha!!!

And I was more than pleasantly surprised by the response…

…in fact I was humbled and amazed.

But more than that, I realized I am not the only ONE, I don’t have to ‘cope’, and I can share the load…

All I have to do is be open to receiving, in this case ‘some help’.

I realised that Chikara-Reiki-Do is now growing into a popular and very large group.

Although Chris and I started it… you, now, are part of it too!!!

WE, all of us, collectively, make up Chikara-Reiki-Do.

WE are the team…

Together we have an immense pool of wisdom and knowledge.

The sum of the total, being far greater than my part Smiley

If I ceased tomorrow, Chikara-Reiki-Do would continue to exist.

It has become an entity in it’s own right, beyond me.

If that makes sense… ha ha ha!!!



Another thing this week…

Our car is coming up for it’s ‘big’ service, so we have been looking around for another one.

We fancy a change too, as the car we have now, we bought for the small lanes in Cornwall.

The roads here in Northumberland, are much wider and have a more open feel to them.

So, we have looked at all the pictures, specs, colours, 0-60’s Smiley, etc…

And after seeing 2 or 3 that were nearly, but not quite’s, we have now seen ‘the dream car’ in the flesh.

Now, every step up, every expansion of consciousness, test of belief, whatever, requires a leap – a leap of faith Smiley

It’s a kind of – Yes, know you can have it… all you have to do is want it and allow it, sort of thing.

Which is exactly how we began drawing ‘the dream car’ to us.

We simply put out to the universe what we actually wanted – were patient in allowing it to show up…

And all we’ve got to do now, is take that leap!!!

First we planned to go see the car for a ride and test drive…

It’s no good if I can’t reach the peddles, you know Smiley

(Yes I am that dainty and yes the car is that big a dream!)

But you wouldn’t believe the obstacles we put in front of ourselves to get that test drive.

What should have been a long morning out turned into a 12 hour nightmare journey.

Accidents, traffic, diversions, …

We had to ask ourselves, several times – How much did we want this dream?

The sun kept shining though, so we kept on with our mission… Smiley

We travelled new roads, found new places to eat…

And just kept on keeping on.

Until we arrived tired, thirsty and late.

But we had overcome all the physical obstacles to getting our ride…

And now we know what she feels like…

We can ‘see’ oursleves driving her…

We can recall the smell of leather and the sound of her exhausts…

We have had a taster… touched ‘the dream’.

I’ll let you know… Smiley



We’ve just returned from Geoff’s tearooms in West Woodburn after having had another splendid Sunday lunch there Smiley

If you are on holidays or just passing through, he’s well worth visiting.

He even does the dishes, so all you have to do is eat… yummy Smiley



I was sent a link today of a young girl with a natural talent.

What she does with that talent will depend on many factors.

But as I listened to her perform I thought …

“We ALL have a gift, a natural talent of some sort or other.”

What we do with it also depends on many factors.

So, don’t let others squash it…

Don’t let others take it over…

Love it and nuture it as part of who you are and it will take you higher and further than ever you could have first imagined.

Your natural talent or talents Smiley are a true expression of the spirit of you.

The essense of your nature… so, let your heart sing it’s own song…

Heck. That was a long ramble but not nearly as long as our ramble through the lanes yesterday… ha ha ha!!!

Anyway, enjoy your Sunday. It’s started to throw it down with rain here so a good movie is in order, with a nice cup of English tea to stave off the chill Smiley

‘Till next time…


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