Occupational Chikara-Reiki-Do


Good mornin’ all

I thought the other day about how many times people have asked me for ‘career’ advice or if there’s a new job on the horizon for them.

Hmmmm, very interesting.

You see, to me a CAREER always sounds like a long-term commitment to a boring job.

You know what I mean – the 40 hours a week, stretching into 40 years with a, you’ll be very lucky to even get one these days, pension at the end… ha ha ha!

Yes, it maybe starts off being interesting and something you really want to be good at, but that wears off!

Or the new job – a JOB stands for you being Just Over Broke while making someone else rich. 🙂

And doing a job solely for the money IS selling your soul to the devil!

But then I was never conventional in my thinking 🙂

I remember when I was young, (don’t say it…ha ha ha!) people asked you what was your OCCUPATION?

An occupation is something that you do to occupy your time 🙂

An occupation has the ability to suggest having fun whilst occupying your time.

If you chose to occupy yourself doing something that’s enjoyable all day long, then the money comes as a by-product of having fun.

In fact, the more fun you have, the more money you draw to you.

The more expert in having fun you become, the more people will ask for your enjoyable service 🙂

So, don’t ask what the Universe has to offer you, instead ask what have you got to offer into the Universal Energy 🙂

What are YOUR skills and talents?

What would you enjoy doing all day long for free?

Do that which makes you smile and laugh, and you’ll be on the right path – for YOU.

You have something to give that’ll expand the Universal Energy with love.

What is it?

What could you give back into the energy pool?

Don’t know? Then ask yourself what charity work would you choose to do?

Notice what others ask you to help them with.

These give you clues to what you’re naturally good at.

It could be mending fuses or building sheds or helping grow things in the garden.

Or healing, child care, baking cakes for birthdays or chatting to the elderly 🙂

The list is truly endless with exciting choices!!!

Because, we all have something which when shared, improves the world around us 🙂

So, instead of looking for another JOB – simply look to OCCUPY your time in a better and more satisfying way, for you!

For you’re special and gifted in your own unique way.

Laughter is catching remember 🙂

But so is yawning… 🙁

I’d rather occupy myself laughing all day than work at something uninspiring and yawning my life away… ha ha ha!

Yawning is so tiring and draining and makes you brain dead 🙂

Laughing conversely, is invigorating and enlivening 🙂

So, if the thought of occupying yourself all day with things connected to, or involving Chikara-Reiki-Do, makes you smile, then follow that road 🙂

All I’m suggesting is simply choose an OCCUPATION that feels right for you.

Leave the jobs and careers to the unenlightened… ha ha ha!

Have a powerful, Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend…

Judith 🙂




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