How To Open Your Chakras With Reiki



Good mornin’ all…

This is such a popular question and my answer is nice and simple too.

Q – What do I do, in order to open up my chakras with Reiki?

A – Let me just reassure everyone that regardless of what some people say, your chakras are NEVER closed or not working – it’s an absolute impossibility!

They’re always open – for without these powerful energy centers, your physical body couldn’t be here.

Now, energy responds to the focus of your intention.

So, by focussing your intention, using the Reiki symbols, you start to move your energy and affect the energy surrounding you.

Both near and far – but, actually, there is no near or far, only a perception of such.

Hope you’re following this – you are, aren’t you?

Well, as you know, your thoughts, words and, most importantly…


…create everything in your world and in your life. So as soon as you ‘even think’ you might think of energizing your chakras it has begun!

You then concentrate your thoughts by using a Reiki symbol, which enhances your intention or point of focus, to create a certain type of energetic response.

So how do you go about ‘opening up your chakras’ – or more correctly speaking – expanding and energizing them?

Well, a simple way, and very effective for everyday use, is to sit quietly…

Draw out all the Reiki symbols over your palms, then…

Choose a Reiki symbol that suits the occasion.

The power symbol works well for energizing you, but the mental and emotional one would be great to calm you after an emotional upset.

And the Raku symbol is great for general balancing and harmonizing.

Simply choose which one FEELS perfect for you, in this moment

Then starting at your crown chakra draw out the symbol of your choice and say its name 3 times, followed by the affirmation…

“I open myself up to divine love and wisdom”

Or choose a suitable affirmation of your own.

That one just happens to be my favourite

Do that over each of your 7 major chakras.

Then draw out one large power symbol over your front and ‘seal the process with divine love and wisdom’

Sit with your hands placed comfortably on you (anywhere that feels right at the time) and simply let the Reiki energy fill and refresh you.

And of course, for a super luxurious treat, you could use our chakra balancing meditation too!

So no excuses – have a balanced and energised weekend, full of love and wisdom


Judith 🙂



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