Opening Up To Reiki


Good morning all

This is a handy tip to remember, especially with the holidays coming up! 🙂

Q – How can I do a quick Reiki healing, without having to take so much time to open myself up to Reiki and then close down again?

A – Just open up once daily and don’t ever bother closing!

That’s what I do – because doing it that way means I’m always ‘Ever Ready Eddie’ as it were 🙂

For years now I have only ever ‘opened myself up to divine love and wisdom’…

And, for years I’ve never closed myself down…

Simply because I want to be open 24/7 to divine love and wisdom!

Yes, I can hear the squeals of disbelief from some of you… 🙂

But just think about it – how can I even think of closing down something that’s so much an integral part of me?

So as soon as I even think, I might think of thinking of Reiki, I’m up and running 🙂

And, as I say, why switch off such a good thing?

Just keep it flowing 🙂

Now, that works for me… so I’m simply suggesting you give it a try and see if it works for you.

Simple techniques give powerful results…

Remember, YOU are the power behind the ritual.

Yes, I’ve read the same things you’ve probably read, about closing yourself down – but I take no notice 🙂

I simply don’t think that way.

I’m open to divine love and wisdom at all times… that’s it.

The more I’m open to divine love and wisdom the less room I have for any negative rubbish 🙂

There is only One Energy… therefore it’s me and I’m it…

The negative thoughts and feelings that might ‘come in’ are only in my head so… as I’m only open to divine love and wisdom… or that better, higher, more thingy, part of me… the God, Goddess bit…

Nothing ‘comes in’ unless I allow it… full stop 🙂

Again, I repeat – I’m only open to divine love and wisdom, so…

…where’s the room or need for non-divine love or non-divine wisdom?

If you get my drift… 🙂

But it has to be what works for you.

Now think again… there is only One Energy…

…you are it and it is you…

Therefore, you are the Reiki and Reiki is you…

You do not have to switch it on or off – because IT is YOU.

Simply focus your intention…

And remember, the symbols are just symbols… they have NO POWER other than that which YOU give them.

The same as your opening and closing rituals…

YOU are the POWER, not the symbol or the ritual.

They’re simply tools to help you focus your intention.

So, have a play at just ‘doing the Reiki’.

State ‘I call upon the Reiki energy now’…

And place your hands with the intention that the Reiki flows and see what happens 🙂

As you place your hands in position, imagine a power symbol being squashed like a bath sponge between your palm and the person.

Now, totally BE the Reiki energy… remember it is you and you are it.

Breathe in and relax…

Just BE there, right there, connected, blending, dissolved in each other’s energy.

When you feel ready to disconnect… see the power symbol rise like sponge cake under your palms and then release your hands.

Draw out a power symbol over the person and seal the process with divine love and wisdom… done 🙂

But please don’t worry – for as long as you need the rituals and the symbols they’re there for you.

Just know that one day… you will simply BE you…

And the perception of your projected energy being expressed, is the particular aspect you now call Reiki.

The more you allow yourself to BE you, simply YOU, the more powerful dynamic, clear, bright and true your Reiki energy will BE.

For you are one and the same…

It’s simply an aspect of your energy which you can demonstrate and use.

Perfect 🙂

Have your own powerful Chikara-Reiki-Do Master weekend!

Judith 🙂


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