Life’s Problems Getting On Top Of You..?

Tarot Reading by Judith

…Well, a quick look into your future could be all the help you need to get your life successfully back on track!

And I can offer you that quick look into tomorrow with a personal energy reading made just for you…


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Our Reiki Packages

You’ve Just Discovered What Is Probably The Most Powerful & Beautiful Reiki Attunement Process There Is…

Ultimate Reiki Attunement Package

And If You Give Me Just 3 Minutes of your time I’ll reveal to You 5 Vital Things You Absolutely MUST know…

Before Committing to Any Level of Reiki Training, no Matter Whether it’s Reiki 1, Reiki 2 or Reiki Master. Why..?

Because everything you’ve been told about Reiki has been totally misleading!

Yes, it’s absolutely true and…


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Do You Want To Be The Very Best Reiki Therapist You Can Possibly Be..? Then You Need To See This Fabulous Multimedia Presentation…

Reiki Therapists Multimedia Handbook

So, at long last – you’re proud to say… “I’m a Reiki Therapist you know!”

And, it sounds really good to say that, doesn’t it – and well done you for becoming one, by the way…

But now… what are you going to do with this new talent?

Well, At Last: Here’s How You Can Become the Most Professional & Effective Reiki Therapist You’ve ever Dreamt of Being…


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Our Reiki Meditation Packages

Developing Deeply Intuitive Reiki With This Dynamic Meditation Is An Absolute Breeze

Developing Intuitive Reiki Meditation

Reiki, in the West – as you may now know – has had the intuitive side of it completely left out…

And this is very sad indeed.

So, this beautiful meditation encourages the development and expansion of this vital aspect of Reiki within you…

…allowing you to effortlessly move beyond knowledge into knowing and a more profound connection with Reiki and Infinite Consciousness!


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Strengthening Your Connection to Reiki Is One Of The Most Profound Things You Can Do In Life

Ultimate Reiki Package

This meditation is a natural follow on to the Developing Intuitive Reiki Meditation as it…

…works to connect you more deeply with the Reiki Source within allowing you to live in the moment – to know without thinking…

…to dissolve fear with love – to be joyful and happy – to be full of vitality – to glow with health, and…

To become one with the Reiki energy!


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You’re Going To Absolutely Love Your Reiki Riches Meditation…

Reiki Riches Meditation

Woody Allen said: ‘Money is better than poverty if only for financial reasons’.

And whilst that quote is funny it also contains the grand truth…

…that having money really is better than poverty – as anyone who’s lived through the poverty experience of ‘not having enough’, and come out the other side, will tell you.

You see, there’s absolutely no truth to the belief that you have to be poor to be spiritual and I want you to fully understand and know that.

I want you to be truly healthy, wealthy and wise…

And this meditation will help you to become abundant and prosperous in all things.


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The Ultimate Meditation For Perfectly Balancing Your Chakras

Ultimate Chakra Balancing Meditation

The media is constantly bombarding you with negative information.

Soundbites are continually being broadcast about the state of the world economy – with recessions, depressions, job losses, home losses and terrorism being high on the agenda…

…and this can ‘hit home’ – quite literally, throwing you off balance. And that’s exactly what this meditation is designed to stop!

It’s here to stop those wobbles…

And allow you to access a place deep inside that is calm and serene, steadfast and true, where you can feel your own Rock Solid Reiki energy stabilizing your seven Chakra centers and your world around you.


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15 Minute Fix – Energy Blending Meditation

15 Minute Fix - Energy Blending Meditation

It’s a very special meditation because it’s doing what everyone knows Reiki does best – balancing energies, any energies, that are out of sorts…

And it’s also very special in another way too – for it connects you directly and deeply to me, Judith Conroy, and we’ll do Distant Healing together for anything you like – for you, your family, friends, pets, animals, clients, events and situations etc!

Yes, I shall be with you the whole ‘time’ because my energy is also imprinted within this meditation. When you hear my voice, I am with you. In my silence, I am with you – for we become One…

So, come on, let’s work together and change our worlds for the better.


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15 Minute Fix – Stress Buster Meditation

15 Minute Fix - Stress Buster Meditation

Stress is rapidly becoming the modern day plague of everyday life.

And it comes at you, non-stop, from absolutely everywhere:

  • Work related or, indeed, having no work at all related
  • Personal relationship or having no relationship
  • Family, friends, children
  • Finances, always having too little of
  • Too much to do or maybe having nothing to do at all

To name just a few!

So, it’s vital to get your unwanted stress under control – and that’s exactly where your 15 Minute Stress-Buster Fix Meditation comes in.


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Our Reiki & EFT Packages

Reiki & EFT – Releasing Procrastination Package

Developing Intuitive Reiki Meditation

Here’s How You Can Easily, Effortlessly and Permanently Remove Procrastination From Your Life in Just 30 Minutes a Day

No, don’t put it off any longer – get round to it right now


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Reiki & EFT – Unlimited Self Confidence Package

Reiki & EFT - Unlimited Self Confidence Package

It’s no secret that people with rock solid, self-confidence seem to shine brightly in almost every situation they find themselves in.

And now you can join their ranks right now too


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Reiki & EFT – Unstoppable Success Package

Reiki & EFT - Unstoppable Success Package

Give me just seven and a half minutes, and I promise you’ll discover…

Something about success that’ll change your thinking forever


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Reiki & EFT – From Fear To Freedom Package

Reiki & EFT - From Fear To Freedom Package

Finally, a quick & easy way to gently remove fear, worry & anxiety from your life

So you can begin living with courage, power and purpose right away


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Reiki & EFT – The Ultimate Weight Loss Package

Reiki & EFT - Ultimate Weight Loss Package

At last, a truly revolutionary, multi-layered method of Weight control that addresses every part of who you really are – body, mind and spirit…

…which is vital for successful weight control


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Our Other Products

Ultimate Online Tarot Reading Course

Ultimate Online Tarot Reading Course

Finally… You’re about to discover a revolutionary new approach to learning Tarot cards fast…

A quicker, better, easier way to learn that’ll have you confidently reading the cards for fun and profit faster than you ever thought possible…


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Radical Reiki – Radical Wealth & Success Package

Psychic Energy Reading By Judith

Are You Willing To Allow 3 Powerful Reiki Rituals To Dramatically Increase Your Wealth And Success In Life?

If You Are… Then Total Financial Independence Could Become Much More Than A Long Cherished Dream… It Could Actually Become Your Active Reality…


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Coaching Authority

Coaching Authority

This course will give you the information and the tools that you need to start your own coaching business, and detail some of the ways that you can set it up so that you can be successful.


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