Our Reiki is Knowledge is Power is Freedom

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Our Reiki is Knowledge is Power is Freedom

What do I mean by this week’s title?

Well, people often ask me what is Chikara-Reiki-Do all about?

And my answer is… Knowledge = Power = Freedom!

Learning Reiki as a simple healing tool or ‘modality’ is one aspect of Reiki but when you realise that the energy and dynamics of that healing energy is YOUR energy and that…

…YOU are the source of everything in your life, then learning Reiki becomes a key to accessing the All Of It…

Because YOU ARE the All Of It… ha ha ha!

You can take the knowledge that you gain from using Reiki everyday on yourself and you can use it to change your life and hence the lives of others around you.

Using Reiki on yourself everyday gives you ‘insight’… it gives you intuition or, as I like to say, INTO YOU ition!

YOU are the door you are searching for!!!

And Reiki is a key…

For as you become more steadfast and true to your own energy, nature, spirit – call it what you will – then you also become more harmonious with life, the universe and all who sail in her!

Just by using Reiki on yourself everyday 🙂

Your life will become more serene and peaceful… as a side effect of simply using Reiki on yourself each day 🙂

And, when you become steadfast and true to YOURSELF and your whole energy is unshakeable, then you gain a certain confidence.

Once you comprehend that everything is created by your connection to the One Energy, then you begin to glimpse just how Powerful you really are.

Now, don’t think Power means domination here, because it doesn’t…

…it means a certain confidence, a certain inner strength, a certain glow that emanates from you.

It’s just like a martial artist training to fight, so that he no longer needs to fight – and that inner confidence emanates from him.

And, as your confidence grows, so will your inner Power and strength 🙂

The more you come to ‘know thyself’… the more you will observe others in a different and more compassionate light.

But it will not rock you or disturb your inner equilibrium. That is POWER…

So what about the FREEDOM bit?


Freedom is a state of mind 🙂 Or no mind in effect… ha ha ha!

Once you correlate your knowledge and sense of power or self confidence together, then you are free to express yourself in the highest way possible.

Your intuitive sense will guide you along your path with sure and confident steps.

You come to realise that you are bigger than any restrictions imposed upon you, either by others or yourself.

You always have a choice…

If you want peace then don’t go to war… simple!

Refuse to embrace anything that does not ‘feel’ right for you.

Where you see injustice, stand steadfast and true to your inner power and support those being bullied.

Reiki unifies us because we are THE ONE 🙂

We are “THE LOVE WARRIORS”… bringing personal freedom through knowledge and recognition of your inner power.

Judith 🙂

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