Pay It Forward Reiki



Good morning all!

Keeping your thoughts focused and the mind chatter to a minimum can be difficult at the best of times!

So, here’s a lovely way to start your day…

Start your day the Reiki way – by using the 12 hand positions as a self-treat-ment – just for you 🙂

Ooh! How decadent! 🙂

A self-treat-ment which, when used on a regular basis, will help to keep you calm and serene all day long 🙂

Ooh! How delightful! 🙂

And, of course…

Creating this NOW time for yourself is also an excellent opportunity to ‘plan ahead’ and include in that planning, a session or two of Reiki for a future THEN event…

Because now and then are one and the same when there’s no time or space! 🙂

So whether THEN is a shopping trip for the perfect present (remember Valentine’s Day is just around the corner chaps!)…

Or grocery shopping for those last minute beefy steaks girls 🙂

Or little Johnny’s school concert to go without a hitch 🙂

Or simply for a boost of energizing Reiki energy before your guests or clients arrive, allowing you to be refreshed and enthusiastic 🙂

Ooh! The hostess with the mostest! 🙂

During your NOW self-treatment, you do have the time to sit and plan ahead and you do have the time to send your Reiki intentions out before you.

Just use the power of your imagination 🙂

So if the in-laws are coming for Sunday lunch you’ve plenty of time to send Reiki to the day. 🙂

Just imagine everything turning out like a day with The Walton’s 🙂

LIVE in that imaginative state – and it will be so 🙂

A simple way to DO this? 🙂

Use the Distance Symbol and your imagination.

Then set it with your intention to send Reiki ahead of you, both literally and symbolically, in both time and space. 🙂

Seal your session with a lovely big Power symbol 🙂

Job done…

OK, a question about now and then, time and space 🙂

Q – Is it possible to receive a Reiki attunement without even asking for it directly?

I didn’t realize what had happened until I was doing my own Reiki self-attunement.

I awoke with the exact same feeling – totally overcome with joy and couldn’t stop smiling 🙂

Is it possible that I was given an attunement?

A – Well I never! 🙂

But when you consider that there’s only one energy – and that you and Reiki are one and the same thing – then yes, you may have had a sudden ‘insight’ into energy previously.

Eureka moments are not just for geniuses or special people you know, You can all have them!

The ritual of attunement is only for your conscious mind.

Subconsciously you already ‘know’ you’re the all of it 🙂

The symbols and rituals are just there until you get the hang of your Reiki energy.

Then you can let them go, if you wish, because you’ll be able to direct your Reiki energy powerfully using your intention and imagination 🙂

First knowledge, then KNOWING 🙂

Then personal wisdom born from personal experience 🙂

And a self-confident charisma radiating from you because now you TRUST in yourself and The Universe 🙂

One and the same…

Now you’ve an inkling of just how powerful you really are!

Ooh! Divine! 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend…

Judith 🙂



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