Performing Reiki Correctly

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Performing Reiki Correctly

Q… I have read other Reiki information that indicates that “hot hands” are a sign that Reiki is flowing.

A… That may be true for most… but it’s also true for tingling, cold or even NO SENSATIONS at all 🙂

Q… Well, I never have hot hands and I never sense anything at all really, when doing Reiki on myself.

A… That’s fine. Not everyone notices a sensation of a particular kind.

Q… I know that the Reiki is there…

A… Stop right now… Don’t question, simply TRUST.

You ‘know’ that it is there, without having anything to go on.

That is the best sort of ‘knowing’ you can have… ha ha ha!

Trust, trust, trust…perfick 🙂

Q… I just don’t know that it’s flowing (per se).

A… You don’t have to know specifically, you have to trust. The results will speak for themselves.

Q… Okay, I often do the power symbol or other symbols on my hands and some brief relaxation or meditation before starting my healing session.

A… Excellent 🙂

Q… But I often think I should be doing something more specific while I’m holding my hands in each of the twelve positions.

A… Why would you think that?

Keep it plain and simple… therein lies the power of Reiki.

Q… Shouldn’t I do deep breathing, imagining light entering through my crown chakra and flowing out my hands, etc… but if I do, then I think I’m trying too hard.

A… Experiment… whatever ‘works’ for you is right for you, never mind what anyone else does 🙂

Q… BTW, I would like to share the one “physical” sensation that I did have after the attunement…

Sometime in the following week, I started feeling vibrations in my root chakra area. It was neither a good nor bad feeling and it was in no way sexual. It just was…

…very interesting. It came and went for a few days and has now stopped.

I loved that I had never experienced that before EVER and felt it was positive, physical evidence of the attunement.

I wish it would return. 🙂

A… If you ask for a sign that you have Reiki and that it is working, you will be given a ‘sign’…

Just remember to be open to it when you see it… ha ha ha!

Very often it is in retrospect that we notice how our lives have changed and our attitudes have mellowed after using Reiki for a while. 🙂

Judith 🙂

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