Permission for Distant Reiki Healing?

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Do You Really Need Permission for Distant Reiki Healing?

Q… Do I need permission from a person before sending them Reiki?

I practice sending a solid wall of Reiki into the world to all beings, not to control them, or for any particular result, just for their benefit and happiness, whatever that may be. I do this while I drive or as I walk along.

I’ve heard people say it’s very wrong to Reiki people without their permission. Not that it will make me stop, but how “wrong” am I?

Thanks very much for sharing your insight. It is important not to be attached to any particular result from sending Reiki, since we may have no idea what is best for another’s growth.

It is fulfilling just to experience the self-healing that happens when we send it, because in that act we remind ourselves to experience love with all.

I am very grateful to have someone to ask.

It’s very rare.

And my answer:

A… Happy to help if I can but truthfully I think you’ve ‘groked the fullness’ perfectly, so to speak… 🙂

For you see, you are wonderfully, gloriously, deliciously wrong only according to someone else’s opinion – and just for the record, my opinion is the same as yours… ha ha ha!

How can sending love to anyone be a wrong thing?

Champion 🙂 Now read this article from our site first

Excellent, now read on…

As healers it’s our very nature to want to help people in difficulty…

…be that any mental, physical, emotional or spiritual pain or trouble, they appear to be in.

Now, when we first start out on our ‘I want to be a healer and heal the world’ journey we actively seek people with problems we can solve or help them with.

In fact we pay good money to advertise for such people…

And create a special space in our lives and often our homes for them to come to.

But as our journey progresses we come to realize that the only person who can fix things or heal situations is the very person experiencing them.

The other extraordinary thing we notice is that we always seem to draw to us the very people and situations that reflect similar problems we’ve had, or are having, in our own lives.

(Even the best of us have ‘stuff’ to deal with!)

In fact, I’d hazard a guess that the best healers are the ones who’ve had a wide range of their own ‘life experiences’.

They’ve developed a deep insight and wisdom because they’ve travelled that road before or had the same encounters.

They’ve been there, done that, worn the ‘T’ shirt ’till it’s threadbare and healed themselves enough to move on.

Like I said, the only person who ever heals the situation is the person themselves…

So with that in mind why do we all want to be healers and try to fix everything from people to planets… ha ha ha!

Let me run this by you.

This is what I feel…

“When we heal another we also heal ourselves… so conversely, if we simply heal ourselves we also heal everyone else by default.”

Just ponder on that for a minute…

The ONLY person or situations that you can heal are yourself and your own…

…and as more and more people become actively involved in healing themselves – we start to form a huge core or platform of balanced, sound, strong, stable, loving energy.

We start to radiate out this calm, serene, unshakable power.

Because we are happy, healthy, confident and grounded in our own power and being – we bring that energy, that feeling of safety and connectedness to others… just by simply BEING ourselves.

We effectively act as a safety net.

We become Reiki Catchers…

And when people fall we catch them in our strong and powerful arms.

When they stumble we catch them and bring balance back into their lives…

…by transforming their ‘troubling experiences’ into self-belief, self-confidence, and self-worth!

We as healers, act as catalysts for unbalanced energy to settle in, relax and then expand.

So, the more Reiki healers that cover the globe the more settled and untroubled the world and all who live in her will be.

As healers the only thing we need to DO is remain in balance ourselves.

To remain unshakeable, steadfast and true!

Every day, we need to keep ourselves happy and healthy and we can do this by simply giving ourselves a Reiki self ‘treat’ment every day.

‘Healer, heal thyself’ creates a bedrock, a foundation stone, a network of stable energy so everything can thrive.

We catch troubled energy like a pond catches pebbles… we transform ripples in the Force into a calm ocean of love.

So, be the best Reiki healer you can be to yourself and then be the best Reiki Catcher for others.

Let’s create a network that’s so strong, so powerful, so unshakeable that nothing wobbles us – ever.

Each Chikara-Reiki-Do Master is like a Reiki pond, catching those pebbles…

There is only one energy… it is you and you are it.

The more we still our own pond the more we still the ocean.

We, as one, can change the world

How chuffin’ grand is that?

Judith 🙂

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