Permission to Give Reiki

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Permission to Give Reiki

I don’t know about you but I intensely dislike being told what to do…

…especially when it’s someone stating the downright ruddy obvious!

And now, more and more, it seems, you can’t do anything…

…without someone else, ‘in authority’, telling you what to do, when to do it, where to do it and even with whom!

It’s totally ridiculous, of course – and even more so…

When you discover that, in some cases, someone else’s opinion or word is actually deemed more important than your own?

Take, for example how the word of a neighbour, can be taken over yours when ‘authorities’ want to know if you are who you say you are or something about you!

To me, if you give your ‘word’ you are honour bound.

Okay, enough of me ranting – let’s move on to this week’s short question 🙂

Q… Do I need a person’s expressed permission to perform Reiki healing on them, or can I send it to a stranger if I know they need it?


And my answer…

A… I don’t always ask for permission although when I began my Reiki training, I was told you had to. (By that magical someone else, of course!)

But I didn’t, and don’t, agree with that statement. 🙂

And neither do you or you wouldn’t be asking the question 🙂

Look, how can supporting someone else with love and energy be wrong?

If a friend is ill you don’t ask their permission to send them good wishes and your hope that they’ll soon get better.

You just do it…

Because, if the energy of good intent is needed and accepted by the person then that’s great – but if it’s an intrusion then they’ll consciously or subconsciously block your help.

It’s as simple as that…

Always, always TRUST your own feelings… if it feels right to YOU to give Reiki then do.

If you feel hesitant then don’t.

I cannot stress this enough… be your own guide, give yourself permission, take back your power!

Perhaps we need to be the ‘Bad Boys’ of Reiki because we KNOW we are right! 🙂

Brilliant… cheerio chaps!

Until next week…

Judith 🙂

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