Physical Reaction with Reiki


Hi, I’m Judith Conroy from Chikara-Reiki-Do and I’m answering your questions on Reiki.

So, question.

A client of mine experienced a feeling during Reiki, and even all that night, of something flowing through her head and leaving her body. I’ve not heard of this before. Hopefully it’s the bad stuff, leaving her. Is this normal? Or am I overreacting?


I wouldn’t say you’re overreacting, more just concerned about a natural physical reaction that you’re not familiar with.
The sensations do not require a label.

Simply go with the flow and trust what is happening.

Don’t worry about it.

That is fear based.

Celebrate a reaction. Celebrate the fact that energy is shifting. Celebrate provoking a change – chuffing grand.

The fact that you sense a change so readily in your own energy flow is brilliant.

This is your way.

Trust it.

And as such, it is the only way that counts for you.

So, nurture that disturbance in the force feeling, and allow it to become stronger.

Similarly, your client is doing her own thing and shifting her energy patterns to suit herself right now; in a way that is perfect for her.

We do not know if this way of shifting her energy is a good thing or a bad thing.

It just simply is.

But any change in the sensation of energy shows something is happening and it is always for the best.

Even if at the time, we perceive it to be otherwise.

Don’t judge what happens simply trust it.

That’s all you have to do, trust for the loving heart.

Good thing, bad thing who can ever know.

And so it is with life and Reiki treatments.

Thanks for listening.

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