Pondering Illness Through Your Ages…


Good mornin’ all

Have you ever pondered on the nature of illness? I do hope so if you’re an aspiring healer!

Well, let’s ponder together.

Life is a journey through various experiences and none more so, than the experiences that different illnesses bring!

Now, before you say anything, these are my ponderings and of course I’m broad stroking…

…as in – all teenagers think they’re indestructible 🙂

They’re fearless, flexible, strong and supple. (Or they were in my day!)

As long as the illness doesn’t alienate them from the crowd or group, it’s ok.

Yes, everyone has spots or a bad hair day! And yes, these are major ‘problems’ to a teenager and a sexually transmitted disease is just so embarrassing!

And, of course being a teenager is mostly lived out in their minds!

That’s why they suffer from depression, self-worth issues, image problems, ‘whatever’… 🙂

An easily treated STD can create no end of mental anxiety for them but not as much trouble as wondering about what to wear on Saturday night or if they’ll pass some exam!

It’s the age of what if’s and if only’s!

Now, in your 20’s…

You don’t have much time for illness.

It’s about finding a mate and working your way up the career ladder.

Anything you do have is obviously ‘stress’ related due to the pressure of work. 🙁

Or, not finding the right partner…

So much pressure, yet most of that’s in your head!

It’s the pressure to conform that you put yourself under!

In your 30’s…

You must be at the height of your career and simply can’t afford financially to be ill or take time out because some other bugger will nab your throne!

Again, burnout caused by stress, related to imaginary catastrophic financial demise or an imaginary coup from your second in command!

As a woman you have to juggle in the welfare of your children too.

Pay for nursery, schooling, babysitters!

(Why a Mum can’t be Mum anymore is another subject!)

Mental stress causing physical collapse. In other words – all in your head!

In your 40’s…

You can relax a little more

Now it’s not so much stress related, it’s your hormones 🙂

Doesn’t matter what your problem is, it’s probably something related to your hormones.

The mood swings, hot flushes, shopping for a sports car, bigger hips…

And if a hormone patch won’t fix it, then you must be imagining symptoms which don’t fit the ‘normal’ pattern and therefore it’s all in your head dear.

But then we come to your 50’s…

The age of Saga holidays (in the UK)

Now things take a more serious turn.

Anything you get now ‘might be cancer’.

For men it’s generally down there…

You know, prostate… (said in a whisper).

Every spam email or junk mail through your letter box will confirm what I’m saying.

Along with your Saga holiday brochures (in the UK anyway)

So, if you can stop imagining (in your head) that every ache or pain is the Big C then you might just survive your 50’s.

Of course, if you do get cancer, you can recover on a Saga cruise around the Med 🙂

Ok, so you’ve made it to your 60’s…

Things do lighten up more now.

You begin to see the funny side to things more. Like getting off the sofa somehow becomes funny.

Bending down is not quite as funny as the spectacle of you getting back up again… ha ha ha!

You still ‘imagine’ you can do things as you used to as a teenager – like roller skate or balance on the table or wrestle a bear and lift a car!

In your head you can still do it all! 🙂

But you also get a bit dippy too.

You forget more – but then why remember half the stuff, it’s all rubbish!

You don’t see quite as well – but then you’ve seen most of it already and the new stuff has to be filtered anyway because most of it’s rubbish!

You don’t hear everything as clearly – but clearly enough to know most of what is said is rubbish anyway!

I surmise that it’s a way of ‘discerning’ what’s important and what’s interesting to you these days.

You simply shut out the rubbish 🙂

Or should I say filter, discriminate, choose, step back from, observe and turn away from anything that does not inspire and uplift you. 🙂

But one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure.

Which just goes to show – it’s all in your head! 🙂

Now, the 70’s…

(Oh yes, the 70’s, most of us remember the 70’s like it was only yesterday – the music, the fashions the… oops, sorry for that mental digression) 🙂

But being in your 70’s is definitely an age, an era, a milestone.

You’re elevated to a certain status.

A certain respect is given, unspoken and unnecessary.

Somehow, you’ve become more fragile and vulnerable.

It’s ‘your age’ dear 🙂

Whatever you get now is down to your age.

This imaginary number causes ever so imaginary, but ‘feels real’ illnesses.

Over 80…

And you’re lucky to be alive, so just enjoy the bits that don’t hurt 🙂

Now, in pondering all this generally…

I’ve come to realise that ALL illnesses, and how you respond to them – goes on in your head 🙂

And that’s the power of thought.

So, an excellent way to keep your thoughts positive, inspiring, challenging, inventive, creative, happy and healthy – is to use your Chikara-Reiki-Do energy on yourself every day 🙂

It gives you a serene confidence, purpose, harmony, balance and an inner peace and contentment.

And if that’s not the Age of Enlightenment then I’m a monkey’s uncle!

Bloomin’ marvellous!

Have a powerful Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend.

Judith 🙂




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