Are You Pooped After Giving Reiki?


Good morning all – we’re starting out with a question!

Q – Last night I was reading a book about hands-on healing and it mentioned that you need to be in good condition, energetically, in order not to be drained when you give healing.

I’m about to start giving regular Reiki in my home to the public, on top of my normal day job. I’m wondering about this point.

I thought giving Reiki was different, as you channeled this UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE ENERGY.

And in giving it, you also get energized as well, as it goes through you.

I’ve never felt drained in giving it but I’ve only given to my family members and friends.

And my answer…

A – You are channeling the One Universal Life Force energy, (aka you!) but it’s no good feeling tired and needy yourself and then trying to share any energy with another person!

Yes, your Reiki energy (aka YOU!) will continue to flow from you and through you and yes, it’ll help top you up or energize you too, but you may simply feel more tired and drained after sharing and blending your energies with someone else who’s in need.

As long as you keep yourself topped up, as it were, with Reiki energy you’ll be fine.

So regardless of how selfish it sounds, YOU must come first.

If you share energy when you’re feeling depleted from your own day’s activities, you’ll end up resenting the other person sucking out what’s left of your vitality!

Yes, it’ll work and no you won’t do anyone any harm.

You’ll simply feel pooped and exhausted!

If you’re feeling happy and content with yourself, then you have more energy to SPARE and SHARE, as a general guide.

If you’re relaxed and comfortable doing what you’re doing, then you’ll have energy to SPARE and SHARE.

Once you actually start giving Reiki on a regular basis, you’ll ‘know’ how much energy you have to SPARE.

I’d definitely suggest starting off with a quick self-treatment before your evening clients arrive.

Think of it like exercise…

If you love dancing, then after a full day’s work you’ll love to bounce about all night 🙂

But if you hate going to the gym then you’ll more than likely feel tired before you even get there!

Having FUN takes hardly any effort on your part.

Having FUN with your Reiki will certainly perk you up.

Fun and Reiki – the perfick pick me up any night of the week!

YOU are this Universal Life Force energy and there’s so much of it, it’s why it’s called universal!

I’m always saying – there’s only the One Energy, you’re it and it’s you.

So, channel it, allow it, play with it and even direct it – for even though you call it Reiki, with an intelligence of its own, it’s still the sum total of YOU 🙂

Happiness and laughter make you ‘overflow’ with energy more easily in everything you do.

Just be happy and your life will ‘overflow’ perfectly.

Think of giving Reiki as being like learning to drive a car.

At first your Reiki energy may feel cumbersome and awkward – you have to think about where you put your hands next and how long you should leave them there…

If the music is too loud and the room too warm and then your chair might squeak!

All this mental activity drains you at first but as you get more confident and centered, you begin to relax and enjoy what you do…

So remember…

The happier and more relaxed you are, the better your Reiki energy overflows from you.

Because you’re not thinking, planning, organizing, timing, orchestrating or anything, about what you’re doing…

You’re simply BEING your Reiki energy and blending perfectly and harmoniously with ‘the all of it’ 🙂

Then you’ll really feel the energizing effect of giving Reiki and apparently getting it yourself.

But don’t even think you’ll be drained. It’s not been a problem for you, – don’t make it one now!

Instead look forward to bubbling over with love, light, and laughter in your new adventure 🙂

Bloomin’ marvelous…

Have a fab weekend.



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