Reiki 1 – gaining a deep inner confidence

Let’s talk about Reiki 1, and how to get going…

For, we all have to start somewhere.

We were all beginners at one time, but nobody wants to spend their hard earned cash on a beginner, do they?

They may be no good ๐Ÿ™‚

Or, they may be brilliant – but who would take the gamble?

So, how do we gain some much needed experience after our Reiki 1 attunement?

Simple – start with yourself.

YOU are always your best first client.

Always positive and always on time…

Who better to pass judgement and give you honest feedback?

Who better to experiment on?

With yourself, you can practice long and hard, or quick and easy. You can sit or lie down. You can listen to soft music or something more upbeat. You can use that incense, and start coughing because the rooms too small, or use scented candles instead!

Really BE your first client.

Come in, sit down. Talk things through with yourself. Get comfy and relax – note what you like and don’t like.

Choose your music and smells carefully.

Choose your colors and clothes carefully too.

If you get agitated about all this, then stop and ask why?

Because, if you can’t do this for Number One, your most influential client, then how will you be with poor joe-public?

Remember – you are going to be there too, for a whole hour or more!

Just think about that…

It’s okay doing one Reiki 1 session, but three a day is three hours in silence (with your client, perhaps, snoring to the music), backache because the chair looked nice but you didn’t try it out first, and you come to realize that tinkly water music makes you want to go… ๐Ÿ™‚

So, just take time out to simply give yourself a session once per day.

This also sets you up for the day. Giving and sharing with others can, and will, drain you at times. It is good to know how to top up your batteries quickly.

The first month of using Reiki is important because it sets a pattern of behaviour.

It also allows any adjustments and changes within you to settle down.

As you feel and note the changes you will know what to expect in your clients.

You may feel more tired – so sleep more.

You may feel more thirsty – so have plenty of water to hand.

You may feel emotionally wobbly – so be gentle with yourself, don’t watch the news or horror films etc.

Go for walks in nature instead, it’ll help ground you.

Take a closer look at yourself…

Peel your onion and shed your tears as you become whole and at one with yourself.

For, these are all things that may happen with your clients.

And if you’ve been there too, then there is empathy.

In fact, you’ll probably find yourself drawing to you – clients who are very like YOU…

They’ll have an uncanny list of complaints that you just happen to have experienced yourself, so you’ll know exactly where they’re coming from and how to deal with it comfortably.

For when you know yourself, you will recognize yourself, in every other person.

You see, your whole life experience, so far, has brought you to this moment. You now feel ready to help others move forward in their lives too.

Their hopes and fears are yours.

Their joys and sorrows are yours too.

We cry and laugh together.

We mean nothing without each other.

This stage in Reiki, to us, is Level One – Reiki 1.

Never mind the symbols, just feel and get to know the energy.

How it feels for you, tingly, hot, cold, bubbly or even nothing at all.

When it seems to work best or worst – (time of day) etc.

Using the Reiki for ourselves connects us to โ€˜the one energyโ€™.

It expands our awareness.

By taking time out to do the Reiki, we slow down.

We become conscious of all its subtle nuances.

We take time to witness ourselves and how we feel and react.

We become aware of where balance is needed both in outer situations and with inner emotions.

Healer heal thyself – first – Reiki 1!

Then heal others – with appreciation – Reiki 2.

For there is only one energy.

You are it… and it is you.

For thou art me and I am you.

Perfection in reflection.

Many thanks to you all for being there and taking the time to read this far.

Next time we’ll take a look at Reiki 2. So, until then we send…

Our warmest regards, as always.

Judith & Chris

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