Reiki and Acne


Hi, I’m Judith Conroy of Chikara-Reiki-Do and I’m answering your questions on Reiki.

So, question:

My question is about acne. Do you have anything that can help?


One thing I do know before I launch into a reply is that any skinny condition is linked with anger and a poor opinion of yourself.

So, on an external practical level, keeping the skin simply clean and dry helps – with no greasy creams.

Too many steroid based creams may lessen the inflammation but will thin and weaken the skin in the long term.

Taking the hormone pill will often help when your skin erupts on a regular cycle.

But who wants to mess with their hormones unnecessarily?

Fresh fruit and vegetables and alkaline diet, fresh water and fresh air are all good recommendations along with plenty of sunshine.

Reiki, charge your water and, call me old fashioned, but bless your food with Reiki too.

But still the blooming the spots come…

…So, we have to take a deeper look.

Here we find out that beauty is more than skin deep.

Often skinny people do not realize how beautiful, talented, and intelligent they are.

They bury themselves under a pile of puss

The skin is to do with touching and connecting to others, but also it separates and protects us.

A few ugly spots and we feel even more separated.

In Chinese medicine, the skin is the third lung, so we also excrete by our skin, any build-up of toxins.

Anger included.

We also talk about letting our skin breathe.

In summer, we like to fling off our covers and bare our skin, but this also involves exposing ourselves, and therefore we feel vulnerable.

To expose skin is also a sexy thing to do – or expose the flesh, and it is sinful, depending on your inner beliefs.

Again, we come back to connecting or separating with others.

Whatever happens externally on the skin is a direct reflection of the inner workings of our internal aspects.

Where it occurs is no accident either.

We blush or flush when aroused, go red with embarrassment, pale when shocked, swept with fear or excitement, or we go goosy all over when afraid or chilled.

What a giveaway!

The same pattern of self-disregard will show up in any therapy undertaken for a skinny cure.

It doesn’t matter where we look; internally, or in the clothes in the wardrobe, or the family pecking order.

Still we will find a poor self-image looking back at us.

But through our physical, mental, and emotional symptoms, we learn about our true selves.

The nature of our spirit.

Rather than trying to save face by covering up with lotions and potions, we simply need to embrace and love who we are at any given moment.

We want so much to really connect with others – lovers, partners, children, family, and friends…

…but acne or any skin rash, is like an eruption of emotion.

Something is trying to burst out, push out from inside of us – but we do not want to accept the changes happening to us or around us.

Acne is like a barrier, a self-defence barrier:

I want to connect with others, but I am ugly and spotting.

I want to touch you, but you won’t want to touch me with my ugly spots.

And so, the cycle, literally, goes round and around.

Any skin rash is something trying to come from the dark to the light, from the subconscious to the conscious mind.

People with sensitive skin are generally sensitive people and afraid of being hurt.

Love means opening up our hearts.

That means being vulnerable to hurt and pain.

Unless we open up and experience all of life with all its ups and downs and painful bits, we will never find the wonder and the love we seek.

You can’t have one without the other.

You have to experience one to experience the other – or your skin will become a pale shade of in between grey, dull, and lacklustre.

So, my advice would be to:

Get angry, be feisty, be passionate, get loud, and be noticed.

Smile at the world and the whole world will smile back at you, and not even notice your spots…

…but will only see the sparkle in your eyes.

Laugh a lot, be saucy, be sexy, be sensual.

And for those moments, when you slip back into feeling despondent and hurt – use your Reiki…

Just still your center and bring balance back to your life.

Thanks for listening.

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