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We’re going to talk about Reiki and ADD further down the page, but first…

Q… This is a medical question so if you can’t answer it that is OK. A week ago I had a little stroke behind my retina in one eye, now I can’t see out of that eye anymore and the doctors say it will never get better.

Would Reiki help? Thank you…

And my answer…

A… Yes Reiki will help you!

It will help you stay calm and positive for a start 🙂

Never unquestionably believe what your doctor tells you…

(They used to believe your brain cells never regenerate too).

Always trust your own intuition. 🙂

Your body has been repairing and regenerating for years, why should it stop now?

But you may need to give it a bit of help by taking some good vitamins and minerals.

Have plenty of rest and for at least 6 weeks try not to bend over forwards, like stooping… lie on your back to sleep too.

We want your retina to ‘fall back’ and stick back on the back of your eye.

(It can happen, as my brother can testify, his retina detached and now it’s as good as new!)

Some homeopathic Arnica 30c tabs taken one x 4 times a day, for 3 days will help to reduce the bruising, swelling and blood in the tissues.

But don’t take more than that without going to a homeopath.

And most importantly… ask your body to remember… it knows what it needs to do, it just has to ‘re-member’ itself 🙂

Ask your body each night, ‘What can I do to help?’… then listen to the whispers.

I KNOW and so do YOU that this is not permanent or you would not be asking!

Even as we speak, I sense you may be getting shadows and shapes back.

So for now, have a peep at what it is you ‘don’t want to see’ around you just now.

And during all this doubt and stress, giving yourself a daily Reiki session will allow you to remain calm and centred.

Using your Reiki energy to keep the ‘fears’ at bay, will allow your body to heal much quicker. 🙂

And another specific question…

Q… I’m doing free Reiki treatments, to get experience, in exchange for filling out a feedback form.

One client has ADD and can’t sit still. She really wants to try. What would be your course of treatment?

I’m not sure she will make it through all the hand positions.

And my answer…

A… The key to this is YOU and your energy.

YOU must be steadfast and true all the time. YOU must not allow them to irritate you or make you feel restless as well.

You must remain calm with an inner stillness. So make sure you do a Reiki session on yourself prior to their arrival 🙂

Energy likes to harmonise and balance so either you will become agitated by them or they will become calmer and more relaxed by YOU.

Personally, I would ask the person to being do something. They like to fidget, so let them.

Go with their flow, so to speak. Always work with energy not against it.

Ask them to walk around the room in a certain way but YOU sit still in a chair, calm and serene and perhaps use a teddy bear as a surrogate for them.

Or a brilliant way for you to stay centred would be to use yourself as the surrogate in this instance. 🙂

Another thing you could do is ask them to jog or jump up and down on the spot. As if they were at a rave club… ha ha ha!

Have some soothing, melodic music playing but with a deep tone like Gregorian chants or Buddhist monks.

If the client gets too distracted, ask them to move around the room again in a certain way.

What you are actually doing is a distant healing on them when they are in the same room.

You might like to suggest that you send Reiki to them at the time they go to bed. This way they will be even more worn out and relaxed and ready to receive it.

Use your teddy or yourself as the surrogate and do a full treatment and then ask for feedback.

Not only from the client but their family too.

Well I’d better be ‘doing’ something in the kitchen now, as lunch won’t do itself, so…

Judith 🙂

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