Reiki and Anger

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Reiki and Anger

Q… I have a sad question that no doubt everyone will relate to…

If a relationship has ruptured… ANY kind of relationship… say with a parent, a sibling, an in-law, a soon-to-be-ex or becoming-ex spouse or lover, a friend, neighbour, co worker, etc, perhaps even an “Institution” for those still working out angst at their old school or at a religious group, in my case, that might be the Catholic church 🙂

And the Reiki practitioner is on many levels still very angry with the person or institution, is it OK for that Reiki Practitioner to connect to that level where they are not angry and send Reiki love to the person or to the situation?

Are their special concerns, such as not trying to impose one’s will on the other?

Is it better for the practitioner to focus on healing the anger in themselves first?

Is it possible to send healing to the situation itself, to send it to all parties involved, or to the circumstances involved?

Everyone has some lost love, some missing person. What is the best way to go about using Reiki to send healing or reconnecting energy to someone?

In some circumstances, using Reiki might be the only way that communicating forgiveness seems possible…

Thanks and all the best…

And my answer…

A… The only relationship we ever truly have is the one with ourselves.

The outer experience is only there to provide us with an emotional inner experience.

As always, I would simply suggest you do a Reiki self treatment each day on yourself…

…and, as time goes by, you will come to see exactly why you chose to experience this outer situation.

You’ll also come to see that, in fact, nothing ‘out there’ needs to be fixed… only your perception of the experience.

Also, do not judge this to be a happy thing or a sad thing… it simply ‘is’ at this moment in time. But ‘it’ will also change in the next moment too.

Using your Reiki on yourself will change your perspective on this or any situation. And, as you view the situation differently, so it will change along with you.

So chin-up, when you are down, the only way to go is up and Reiki will lift your spirits until you can fly on your own 🙂

Funny how the bigger the question the shorter the answer is 🙂


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