Reiki and Closed Chakras

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Reiki and Closed Chakras, you’ll find this question further down the page

Q… Ever since I have been giving Reiki treatments, even when I read articles about Reiki or I’m talking about Reiki, I get this pressure in my crown chakra.

I don’t understand what it is. It’s not a headache, it’s just pressure.

And my answer…

A… When you feel the ‘pressure’ sensation you seem to question it rather than simply observing it.

Try just watching it… don’t wonder what it is, just feel it.

The more you just watch it without judging it, the more it will begin to flow and move.

You will connect with the experience of it.

When we think about things, we set up a resistance and that resistance then increases whatever it is we appear to push against.

So next time it happens, see where the sensation feels it would like to move to.

Or just observe it staying in your crown… connecting you to your spirit, the universe and all who sail there 🙂

Not understanding something intellectually is not a problem. Accepting what is, often is… ha ha ha!

This is your way, for now, simply embrace it.

Another quickie question before the spuds are done 🙂

Q… I had a Reiki healing session booked with a well-known practitioner two days after my self-attunement.

She has an excellent reputation for being an accurate psychic.

Imagine my surprise when she informed me that every one of my chakras was closed down! Every other comment she made about my health and wellbeing was correct, which I found even more disconcerting.

I think I understand what she was picking up on, but would appreciate your comments on this issue.

And my answer…

A… Please don’t be alarmed by the words… ‘your chakras are closed down’.

All she was saying is that you have withdrawn your energy for some reason.

Most likely because you wanted her to ‘read you’ without you giving away any clues to her.

Often when people go to a psychic they ‘close down’ their aura and try very hard not to suggest anything for the reader to read…

I know, I used to be a professional reader… ha ha ha!

If you are alive and kicking then your chakras are working just fine.

They fluctuate continually night and day. If not, you would be dead 🙂

So yes, she was accurate but not in an alarming way. Simply stating what she saw or felt.

People have a funny notion as to what ‘open and closed’ chakras mean.

TRUST yourself and how YOU feel…

Which is bouncy and happy and very much full of life 🙂

Judith 🙂

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