Reiki and Death

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Reiki and Death

Q… Hello Judith

I just love all your Sunday Chats and YouTube videos. I find all your information helpful and inspiring. 🙂

I have been having a LOT of dreams about death. 🙁 (one person in particular) 🙁 Does this mean this person is going to die or get very sick?

I try to turn these dreams into positive ones by praying or doing Reiki for this person but the death keeps coming back.

Thank you for your time and advice. Have a GREAT day…

And my answer…

A… I love Death 🙂 Symbolically, anything to do with Death is a sign of new beginnings 🙂

It can often involve a drastic clean sweep across the board of life… but it’s not something to be feared…

…even if it does involve someone actually dying.

It’s a sign that things HAVE to change. We can no longer tolerate life as it is.

Sometimes, we back ourselves into a corner, using a terminal illness to give us insight into what we really want, before we can then make a miraculous recovery and get back on the right track.

But signs or the ‘risk’ of death, come as just that… a sign. It is telling us we need a brilliant emotional clearout of all the rubbish we have allowed to accumulate and swamp us.

Death is an excuse to drop it all. The grandest “Oh bugger it!” moment of them all, if you’ll excuse my french… ha ha ha!

So… perhaps the person in particular that you mention, needs to shed a load of emotional rubbish one way or the other!

Consciously or subconsciously, this person is drawing to them exactly the experience they need to provoke that to happen.

But then some people like to live dangerously and take life to the wire… ha ha ha!

Now that is them… but what about you?

For it is actually YOU who is having the ‘signs’ of death around you…

And, as the outer reflects the inner, what emotional rubbish do you also need to clearout dramatically?

For don’t forget, we draw to us that which gives us insight into ourselves as well 🙂

OK… another totally different question…

Q… I hope you can help me with a question relating to my wife’s O.C.D

I give her Reiki which helps her a little. Is there anything more I could try?

I think about colours when treating her, blues to sooth and green to heal but do not really know if this is the correct approach? I do try to give Reiki without extras 🙂

She also gets very restless legs and I then ground her as much as I can. My wife is not very easy to give a treatment to I’m afraid. Please help …

And my answer…

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – This is an overwhelming need to control things, including the self.

The word overwhelming is the key here to me.

Women often feel overwhelmed by events, emotions, feelings, demands or whatever.

They may not be overwhelmed, they just feel overwhelmed…

…and then the stress levels, anxiety, anger, FEAR and the whole lot comes to the surface – and that all has to be ‘controlled’.

Or people won’t love us, let alone like us… ha ha ha!

May I suggest you do things for your wife before she does and take full responsibility for those things.

Therefore moving her forward, in thought and deed.

Her thoughts are then distracted and moving forward in a positive direction.

I’m sure you know this but I am just talking out loud 🙂

Giving her ‘general Reiki’ treatments will help to relax her and slow her down literally and symbolically.

It will help to still and centre her so she KNOWS she is safe and loved.

It is, at the moment, her nature to worry and fret but the Reiki will help to stop it all overwhelming her.

I don’t want to sound like a salesman but I would also recommend “The 10 Minute Cure” CD on our site, to help get to the root cause of your wife’s problem.

It worked a bloomin’ miracle on me… ha ha ha!!!

Click Here For The Ten Minute Cure

But see how you feel about it…

Using colours or any other visualization whilst doing Reiki will certainly enhance what you do but I would suggest just giving Reiki, without concern for the outcome.

The outcome will be perfect for all concerned. 🙂 Don’t judge it. We don’t know if the outcome is a good thing or a bad thing, it is what it is, at that moment.

OK… the restless legs bit… 🙂

Restless legs respond well to iron, folate and magnesium – found in leafy greens, fruits and whole grains or supplements.

Also exercise is VERY important… followed by a relaxation, meditation or a Reiki session.

And exercise before sleep – then relaxing – is important to drain away the fidgety energy.

Judith 🙂

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