Reiki and Depression

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Reiki and Depression

Q. I’m suffering from a psychosomatic illness. I have depression and take my anti-depressant tablet once daily.

A. It doesn’t matter if your illness is ‘real’ or not… it simply is. All illness is created in your mind so to call it psychosomatic is semantics… ha ha ha!

Being depressed is exactly that… you depress your inner nature, the spirit of who you are. You refuse to let yourself come out and play.

When in a state of being depressed you are in fact very afraid of living. You have to exert a huge amount of effort to remain in a depressed state.

A simple but extremely effective remedy for depression is laughter 🙂

Do a 10 minute laughing meditation each morning before you get out of bed.

And I am not joking… ha ha ha!

Another way to approach yourself is to sit on a high backed chair in the middle of a room.

Just sit there each morning and BE depressed.

Go through all the whining and moaning and bemoaning your plight etc. Nobody loves you, nobody cares and the world is coming to an end…

Do not allow any positive thoughts.

Really wallow in your misery like a pig in the proverbial 🙂

Do this for at least 30 minutes… really do, do total misery and depression 🙂

Then get up and leave the room and your misery behind. You are not allowed to be negative or miserable again during the day.

If you feel a whining session coming on, then rush back to your chair and sit there thoroughly enjoying your misery until you’ve had enough and then come out again!

In the silence of your misery you will see just how stupid your mind is. It gets very quickly bored of repeating itself and going in circles.

Trust me, you will come out laughing each time… ha ha ha!

But every time your head gets going again… rush back to that chair 🙂

Q. I sometimes feel like throwing up and have a full stomach feeling.

A. Recognise that there is stuff being given to you that YOU don’t agree with and do not wish to ‘assimilate’. You don’t want to ingest it or take it on board…

So, it makes you sick… literally and symbolically 🙂

Whether it’s school policy, rules and regulations, the information or support your doctor or family give you etc.

Q. Apart from visiting my doctor, I’m trying all kinds of therapies including Reiki, Kinesiology, Angel therapy and Colour therapy.

A. Great… now get bloody angry!!!

And take a stick and beat the beegeebers out of something like a pillow…ha ha ha !!!

Stop letting others tell you what to do and what is right for you…

…and that includes me 🙂

You are a teacher… a natural leader and someone who cares about others.

But you can only be a good leader if you love yourself enough to lead the way – YOUR way.

Those who respond to you, and your way, will find you to be that amazing person who changed their lives, who inspired them to be the best they can be.

All you have to do, is do that for yourself right now.

Q. I haven’t been able to go to work for 4 months as I have strange, painful, unpredictable symptoms ranging from feeling like nausea, stomach cramps, stomach pains and unwellness.

A. Change! Change your job and go freelance 🙂

Teach what you want when you want to whom you want…

Work from home with your own rules…


“Education should light your fire not fill a bucket” – John Holt.

Light your own fire and then start letting it spread to others 🙂

Pretend to be the woman you want to be and in that pretence you will find yourself.

Q. I’m an English teacher.

A. I’ll say cheerio then 🙂

And now for something completely different 🙂

Q. While doing the 12 hand-positions and intending for the Reiki to flow in each position, it will obviously take 1 hr to complete, initially.

I was wondering whether I can meditate on something else or do affirmations to pass the time or must my attention be fully focused for the full 5 min on each position?

A. It is quite OK to shorten your session if it is more convenient or comfortable for you…

You could perhaps do all the hand positions for 1-3 or 5 mins depending on how you feel.

Or just wake up and sit with your hands, one on your heart chakra and one on your solar plexus, for 10 minutes – then start your day 🙂

Or do 5 mins in one position and only one minute in another.

Just mix and match.

Be flexible but do try to practice DAILY.

Yes, you can do other things whilst running Reiki energy, like watching the TV, but a focussed session is more rewarding.

Judith 🙂

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