Reiki and Diabetic Condition

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Reiki and Diabetic Condition

I self attuned and treated four family members, with mostly positive results, although my step-dad is hospitalized with a diabetic condition.

His toes on one foot were amputated. I have been able to reduce the pain, though now I am not sure how to commence as he is in a lot of pain. He can only take a half hour at a time but I will continue.

Thnx so much for everything.

And my answer…

Do not treat the condition; treat the person who happens to have the condition.

Just touch your step-Dad and let the Reiki energy flow. It will be used by his body as it is needed.

It maybe that he needs to enjoy the ‘sweet things’ in life…

…learn to laugh more (at himself too) or to simply have fun.

Whatever the word fun means for him…

For fun is a very individual concept 🙂 One man’s fun is another man’s nightmare… just think football ha ha ha.

Perhaps he needs to drop the fear of ‘stepping out into a new future’ because toes are important for stability and forward thrust… or maybe he needs to balance the different areas of his life, like work, family and play.

And, always remember, a physical condition is only the manifestation of an emotional problem.

That’s EVERY physical condition, no exceptions… 🙂

So, just be there and share your Reiki energy with him… the rest will take care of itself and the outcome will be perfect for all concerned.

Trust and love and you will intuitively know what to do.

Trust, Love and Reiki… now there’s a powerful combination for you all 🙂

Just add an umbrella if you are in the UK, of course, and I think we have all the bases covered… ha ha ha!

Judith 🙂

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