Reiki and Dying

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Reiki and Dying

Now, the energy this week has felt very much about finishing things, finalising things, tying up loose ends. Making sure everything is in order so there can be a surge forward… almost with the Spring high tides here in the UK.

In the midst of the apathy and lethargy which is also rampant 🙂 is the underlying feeling that something monumental is going to happen soon…

This week we have made the decision that Mr Po, our very own lucky black cat, will have to be put to sleep.

Even though he is generally OK, he is beginning to fade fast and we don’t want him to be uncomfortable living a slow death, when he could be happier released from his ailing body and his spirit set free.

I have been sharing my thoughts about this in the forum and I have spoken about death to others, many times.

But it catches you unawares when you are the one who has to make that call… 🙁

So this week I have looked at my replies to others and I have been heeding my own advice 🙂

This is not about Mr Po, he is fine about dying and I know intuitively that he is happy to let us go. He is ready.

It is us who are not…

This is where I have to use my Reiki self treatments to keep myself focussed and balanced.

In the silence I can be steadfast and true, strong and connected to myself.

With that connection to my inner being secure, I can then move forward with confidence.

For there is only the one energy and Mr Po and I become one in that space. Our energies blend seamlessly.

As I talk out loud, I know what is the loving thing to do – for all of us…

OK… Questions and Answers that have helped me…

Q… My girlfriend is the love of my life and she has cystic fibrosis and cirrosis of the liver.

She is on a limited life span and I was wondering if Reiki works for real. I’ve been trying to do this kind of healing, before I knew what it was called, and sometimes it improves her and sometimes it doesn’t.

I was wondering if this has any possibility of curing her all the way.

I love her so much and she just wants to be normal.

Please help. Thank you.

And my answer…

Much as I would love to say Reiki could cure your girlfriend I can’t.

It might help to make her live longer, more comfortably, and when the time comes for her to die, it might make her transition easier.

It may well help you, to cope with your grief and stress.

I would simply suggest you work backwards… deal with her death and plan her funeral now, together.

Do it with humour and love.

Say all you need to say, take photos, write messages, keep a journal… etc.

Work your way backwards to today… then you have no worries, only to enjoy this moment, the NOW moment.

Just for this moment she is fine and still with you…

If you sort out and deal with death first, then you can both ‘LIVE IN THE MOMENT’ with joy and laughter now.

Q… I feel I have to confess that since receiving the course I have yet to partake in same as my partner of 4 years left me for another man and I find myself too weak and over emotional to take the time out to start as my mind goes on overdrive and I find myself in floods of tears and just withdraw.

My apologies to you both and thank you…

And my answer…

Life all depends on how you look at it…

Being too weak and over emotional is just perfect right now, for YOU.

Never pretend to be anything other than who you are.

I love to hear of a good emotional ‘breakdown’… 🙂

You now have complete carte blanche to rebuild yourself as you would like to be.

But until then, you can experiment with all sorts of weird expressions of yourself… ha ha ha !!!

So be a weak and weeping man and observe how that feels while you go through the grief of losing your partner.

Be the angry tyrant…!!!

Be rude to everyone 🙂

Be silent and watch…

Eventually you will see that the only way to go from this situation is UP 🙂

So, chin-up.

When things are so bad that you feel you must be at the bottom of ‘the pit’, then conversely, you must be just about to bounce back up.

And this last question…

What can I say other than, nothing really matters anymore. Life is without a purpose, so to speak.

The bottom has fallen out of my world… my beautiful husband has died leaving me utterly devastated.

The loss and realization sweeps over me like a huge tidal wave. I am trying to keep focused taking one day at a time, clinging to my crystals, meditation and music… all of which help me get through a day, and then reading at night.

The membrane between laughter and tears is very thin. One day perhaps I will be able to do my Reiki Masters with you… meantime I shall practice upon myself what little I know.

Thank you Judith, I appreciate this email from you…

And my answer…

My heart goes out to you. I’m so sorry your husband has died. I can only imagine how that feels.

With each tidal wave of emotion I can only suggest wallowing and drowning in your grief until it starts to soften a little.

For that is what I would do. Then eventually you learn to swim… Life as you know it can wait.

May your good memories sharpen as the pain begins to fade…

Love and hugs from one woman to another…

Thank you for listening to me talking out loud, a problem shared is a problem halved, as they say 🙂

If you have a similar decision to make or life is just a bit difficult right now, then have a look at our Reiki Chakra Balancing meditation

Specially designed to keep you rock solid and confident… purr-fick 🙂

Now that you are all feeling cheerful… ha ha ha!!! Here is a little something to make you smile…

Inner Peace…

If you can start the day without caffeine

If you can always be cheerful, ignoring aches and pains

If you can resist complaining and boring people with your troubles

If you can eat the same food every day and be grateful for it

If you can understand when your loved ones are too busy to give you any time

If you can take criticism and blame without resentment

If you can conquer tension without medical help

If you can relax without liquor

If you can sleep without the aid of drugs

…Then You Are Probably… The Family Dog!

Judith 🙂

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