Reiki and Eating Meat

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Good mornin’ all…

This week’s question is an excellent one. It’s a subject most of us have deliberated upon at some time or other. Reiki and eating meat.

Always bear in mind that what works for YOU, is right for you but might be totally wrong for the next person.

That is why diversity and freedom of choice is so important. We should celebrate all our differences, big and small.

It’s what makes life interesting and challenging 🙂

Okay, the question:


Thank you for your inspiring chats.

What are your thoughts on eating meat and meat products such as roast beef and being a spiritual path such as Reiki?

I keep hearing about how I am ingesting fear and most recently how meat will soon be too irritating for our bodies.

I have learnt to really listen to my body and have cut out chocolate and sugars and limited bread and dairy. And have lost over 5.4 stone in weight.

My intuition has increased a lot and I meditate and use Reiki and some other healing modalities and light language at least once a day.

Yet, I am told I am undoing my own good work by eating meat. I’d love to hear your thoughts since I know you too, are on a spiritual path.


And my answer:

Well, it’s more my life history really… ha ha ha!

I was raised a meat eater but never really thought much about it.

I left home at 17 and dropped eating meat almost immediately…

Not because of ethics or conscience, more sheer laziness… ha ha ha!

I couldn’t be bothered to cook anything, let alone meat. I ate bread and cheese mostly and if I did cook it was cheese on toast.

Being young and away from home, I had better things to spend my money on. 🙂

So for most of my single life I ate bread and dairy products.

At 22 I had more bowel problems than usual and went for investigations.

During this time I’d been eating lots of yummy breads from a local baker, not knowing I can’t tolerate hybrid wheat.

The doctors told me to eat more wholemeal. I did and almost killed myself adding wheat bran to everything… ha ha ha!

They also suggested more fruits and vegetables. I don’t get on with most fruits either.

So began my downward journey into ulcerative colitis under the false impression I was doing things right and proper and I was going to be healthy.

Oh dear, how wrong I was.

You see, most of my life I’d been a vegetarian thinking this was the best way for me.

Then we decided to start eating meat again as a family. I felt better but my insides were mush… ha ha ha!

The more ill I became, the more I tried to eat raw, eat fruits, exclude this or that, until things got exceedingly horrid, and I was extremely ill.

Then I discovered the Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type diet.

(You always find the right remedy at the right time)

It has taken about 20 months now and I am almost better. I am an ‘O’ type which is better for eating meat. What a surprise!

Many of the foods I naturally would have avoided I had been eating ‘thinking’ they were doing me good.

Now my body has relaxed and calmed down, and is not irritated from one end to the other, I can be more intuitive about food.

I love meat and will continue to eat it. It does me good.

My illness and journey to health has been a soul searching, deeply life changing experience.

You could call it a spiritual journey if you want.

But I am already a spiritual being and I am here to have physical experiences.

When you eat raw fresh veg and lots of fruit, yes it does make you feel lighter both internally and externally, so to speak.

But, as meat eater, I feel more grounded and steadfast. Solid and strong. My energy doesn’t feel weighed down or dense.

I feel real, not floaty or ‘thin’… ha ha ha!

If anything I feel more human, more physical, more connected.

In doing that, I can sense the other or opposite side of that which is the spiritual aspect.

The truth is to TRUST what feels right for you, regardless of what others tell you.

We are all unique, independent, individual spiritual beings.

One glove does not fit all. The best gloves are the ones you make yourself 🙂

So in answer to the question ‘can you eat meat and still be a spiritual being’, my answer is yes, of course you can 🙂

For remember, always remember, this reality we live in is an illusion – which we are creating and recreating on a daily basis…

…through our attitudes, beliefs, choices, decisions, thoughts, feelings, desires, imagination and expectancy!

So, if you believe you’re not being spiritual if you eat meat or that you are if you do, then you’re absolutely right – it can be no other way.

And you’re quite at liberty to believe in the beliefs of others or believe in the beliefs of yourself.

These days, sitting quietly each day doing Reiki, brings an insight and clarity to my thoughts. It’s helped me to see a way forward when nothing else has helped…

It’s kept me emotionally steady when my very foundations have been severely rocked.

Of course, all that I’ve spoken about relates to the outer manifestation of an underlying emotional stress – most of which happened at an early age and lay forgotten.

At 4 years old I had a traumatic emotional experience. At 18 I had another traumatic experience. At 22 I had two more big issues 🙁

But they all add up to making me who I am today 🙂

And, for you, if you think back to a short time before you presented with some physical symptoms, you too will usually uncover an emotionally upsetting experience.

For example, approximately 2 years prior to showing signs of cancer, it will often be found that an emotional experience such as a death in the family or a highly charged divorce may have occurred.

But everything you experience will help you connect to others on a deeper level…

And give you empathy – a vital ingredient.

So, to finish – I think eating meat is a personal choice. Does it make me more or less of a spiritual being?

It can’t do – for what I am IS a spiritual being!

And there we have it – roast beef all round for those who want it then 🙂

Judith 🙂

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