Reiki And EFT

Reiki And EFT

OK, something a bit different this morning but related to a certain theme this week of insecurity and the wobbles of confidence.

It seems that many of us have our ‘backs to the wall’ or simply ‘can’t go on’ or have reached the ‘end of the line’.

It’s never easy being backed into a corner, but what it does bring up is our deepest FEARS.

And usually we have been in the place or position many times before Smiley

So although it is uncomfortable, and indeed scary at times, we do know what is the WORST that can happen… ha ha ha!!!

The knack is to stay focussed on what is the BEST that could happen.

And a two pronged attack here can work extremely well.

You see, Reiki combines well with almost any other therapy – EFT being one of the better ones.

Because you get Reiki, known as the ‘loving’ gentle therapy – whilst also being both dynamic and powerful too, of course.

And you balance it with E.F.T. being the much more direct, in your face, grab it by the scruff kind of therapy… so to speak Smiley

So, with EFT you approach the issue, problem, situation as it is… no fuss or fancy words.

No dressing it up as this or that…

E.G: Fear of spiders is called fear of spiders… not arachnidally challenged

Fear of heights is just that…

Fear of failure, flying, the great outdoors or indoors, dying, dogs!!!

It is all just FEAR… that is what EFT will directly address.

And it’s handy to be able to flick from one to the other or amalgamate the Reiki with EFT.

A bit like the good cop, bad cop routine… ha ha ha!!!

Some issues can be hard to pin down and deal with…

Especially when treating ourselves Smiley

Cos we can be quite mercurial, when we want to be… ha ha ha!!!

EFT followed by Reiki is like a whisky and chaser.

EFT is the surgeon’s scalpel and Reiki is the soothing plaster.

EFT the shock therapy, Reiki the refreshing sleep afterwards.

Now, let’s change the subject just a little…

I have been sent this request from a totally different site, asking for some advice – and as you know I give a lot of that… not always asked for either… ha ha ha!!!

But as it seemed appropriate I thought I would answer and share with you all. I am not breaking a confidence, by the way, as this was posted publicly.

Q: I would like to know more about healing insecurity through Reiki. Any feedback, suggestions are most welcome. I really need Reiki advice. Thanks & Thanks to Reiki. – S. Kishan

A: Our deepest Fear and therefore insecurity is that of being alone.

That is why we strive for contact and relationships and love outside of ourselves.

But the more we search outside the more we disconnect from ourselves. Very often dishonouring ourselves just so others will simply notice us.

There is only one problem we all share… that of FEAR.

There is only one solution… that of LOVE.

Whatever makes you feel loved and cared for, will make you feel safe and secure.


If you have love, you don’t need to have anything else, and if
you don’t have it, it doesn’t matter much what else you have.

-Sir James M. Barrie


But only you know what works for you.

So right now look at your life, go on, stand back and check it out.

Do you have a partner who makes you feel good and who demonstrates a loving, respectful, supportive attitude towards you?

Opposites are good too of course… but only if the challenges and clashes push you beyond your boundaries and you thrive and progress in leaps and bounds.

Most prefer a more sedate pace to growth Smiley

What about that JOB… ‘Just Over Broke’ working for others.

Is what you do all day long something that inspires and fires you up, or would you rather be elsewhere?

Or do you allow others to determine your future just because of a mortgage?

Just think for a moment of a world where we all did what we love to do.

Where people who loved to tinker with cars actually fixed them…

Where people who loved gardening did yours…

People who loved to build things made houses and bridges that stayed up for more than a year…

Inventers who created even more amazing gadgets…

Or even healers who healed instead of working at the checkout Smiley

Can you see what I am getting at?

Using the EFT techniques followed by soothing Reiki will help you surmount your deepest Fears…

Even if you lose your job, your partner, your house, your life…

If you have Loved yourself enough…

Honoured yourself enough…

Respected yourself enough then it will all have been worthwhile, satisfying and bloomin’ good fun.

Q: Should we give Reiki to the root chakra?

A: Yes, and I think the first part of our mini course covers this quite nicely…

Click Here To View

Q: Is that sufficient to heal insecurity that has existed for years.

A: There is only NOW – this moment in time.

Using Reiki for yourself NOW, this moment, will help to relieve the anxiety of the situation, NOW.

If your stress, fear, panic, anxiety levels rise too much, too quickly, use a tapping sequence of EFT to lower the FEAR back to more manageable size and knock it on the head for good.

Click Here For Info On EFT For Stress And Anxiety


There are many fine things which you mean to do some day,
under what you think will be more favorable circumstances.
But the only time that is yours is the present.

-Grenville Kleiser


Q: Where else should Reiki be given?

A: You can also use the Distance symbol to send Reiki back to the time when the FEAR first took hold and became a problem.

Simply go back and change the past. See it as you would have liked it to be and how you feel things would be now if that had been the case.

Again you have the knack of EFT tapping if your memories get a bit too strong and vivid…

Change the events of the past by ‘pretending’ – to start with – and in that pretence is the real you emerging.

Q: Secondly, I have stuttering problem, which I believe is also due to insecurity.

A: If that is your ‘belief’ then it is so.

Most people who stutter are afraid to express themselves in any way, shape or form.

They grab themselves by the throat and ‘throttle’ themselves.

Anything ‘below’ this line is dangerous and anything above approved.

But if we only express ourselves ‘mentally’ as it were, then it leaves a lot unsaid.


Your belief determines your action and your action determines your
results, but first you have to believe.

-Mark Victor Hansen


Q: How do I heal this through Reiki?

A: Being seen is one thing but making yourself heard is another.

Speaking your truth can be difficult at times, especially if you do not trust yourself enough.

You have to trust that you do know what is best and right for YOU.

More than anyone else does, even me… ha ha ha!!!

Your YES and your NO steers a course through your life.

A simple YES or NO puts you in control, in the driving seat of your life.

We hear about choices and decisions, attitudes and beliefs, thoughts and feelings, desires, imagination and expectancy…

But a simple YES or NO will do as a grand starting point Smiley

Again part 5 of our mini course gives some more ideas…

Click Here To View

Another way to help here is to keep a sense of humour Smiley

A good 10 minute laughing meditation each morning will soon loosen and lighten up the energy.

It will open your throat and your heart, allowing your spirit to shine through.


Blessed is he who has learned to laugh at himself,
for he shall never cease to be entertained.

-John Powell


Or as the song says… Always look on the bright side of life Smiley

That is my thoughts on the questions asked and I hope it has been of some help, not only to S. KISHAN who asked it, but to anyone else who is having similar colly-wobbles at the present moment in time.

As always have a great Sunday…

and may the traffic flow wherever you go Smiley



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