Reiki and Evil in the World

Reiki and Evil in the World

I’ve broken the answer up into conversational form, but here’s the complete question – totally unedited – for you to read first…

Q… I have read all the information you sent me about becoming a Reiki Master. At this point I have not yet gone through the atoment process.

Much of what I have read I understood and some I areas I do not agree with, because what I have been taught over the years. So you understand, I am a Christen and have been in the Lutheran Church for 20 years. I have spent several years as an Elder. I could go on but I am sure you understand.

I have experienced Reiki treatments and see the benefits. I understand the concept and would very much like experience the feeling of healing.

In your literate you speak little about Jesus Christ and nothing about sin. Only once is the Bible referenced.

So my question is do you believe there is evil in the world and is it because of the sin of man?

I feel there is evil in the world and I would consider this to be because of a tempter. I think he is given too much credit because we fall away of our demise but I believe something exist. When there is good then something else has to exist. Please understand I read all the literate with my umbrella open.

And my answers (with questions edited for clarity)…

A… We don’t mention much about the bible or Christian faith, or any other of the faiths for that matter, as we believe ALL religions to be a simple way of controlling the masses through fear… but we also respect everyone’s right to choose their own path and view point on this matter 🙂

Q… In your literature you speak little about Jesus Christ and nothing about sin.

A… Judge not someone said… Life is an intricate sequence of experiences… who am I to say which, for you, may be a good experience or a bad one.

In the great scheme of things the bad often turns out good and vice versa…

Nothing is good or bad unless we deem it so, unless we pass judgement on it. Up until then, it is simply an experience…

Q… Only once is the Bible referenced.

A… That’s probably once more than the Bhagavad Gita or Koran…ha ha ha!!!

Q… So my question is do you believe there is evil in the world.

A… And my answer is ‘Do you believe there is love in the world’?…

This is a world of comparisons. A world of opposites…

Or as a Master may say…

“In the absence of that which is not, that which is, is not…”

How do you know you are being ‘good’ if you have nothing to compare your goodness to?

For the measure of how good you are, is the measure of how bad you can be… and the gooder you are, the badder a reflection has to be somewhere.

You cannot eradicate evil without eradicating love too.

Always be aware of what you wish for…

As someone said, a fascist state would eradicate a lot of things we complain about but at what cost 🙂

Q… and is it because of the sin of man?

A…You are born from source, a child of God, you might say. You are a spiritual being already. You were born perfect and knowing all. You chose to experience being physical.

But first you were the one source energy.

You are still that spiritual being first and foremost, you are here to have fun, whatever that is for you.

All we say is be the best you, you can be… never be a clone or copy!

And don’t forget this: for every murderer there has to be someone ready to play the victim…

You are neither saint nor sinner, you are what you express at any given moment, which could be ‘judged’ either, or.

Q… I feel there is evil in the world and I would consider this to be because of a tempter.

A… In that case you will constantly bring things into your life which you experience as being ‘far too tempting’ to resist…

Your thoughts create your reality…

Everything in your life now, reflects your past thinking… BUT…

By contacting me, a very different type of thinker, you are tempting yourself to perhaps change your way of thinking. You say you have a completely open mind…

How dangerous is that for your peers to hear?

They won’t mind until you try to step out of line with the mass thinking or methods of control. Then you will see how free your thinking is allowed to be!

All we suggest is to think for yourself and always TRUST your own intuition, judgement, feelings and emotions on any subject.

But apart from that, I hope you enjoy sensing your own Reiki energy, which is source and which is wholly yours 🙂

Judith 🙂

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