Reiki and Healing a Broken Bone

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have a couple of basic Reiki questions this week.

Remember – never be afraid to ask questions about anything or to simply use your own common sense and intuition 🙂

Okay, here’s the first question…

Reiki and Healing a Broken Bone

I have read many times on the internet, that the only thing Reiki should not be used for is healing a broken bone. At least not until after it has been set.

Reiki has been documented as healing the break very quickly.

Do you agree with this information?

And my answer…

I do agree with that statement but only in general terms.

I would suggest not holding the broken bone area and ‘running Reiki’ as it certainly does start the healing process a little too swiftly BUT…

I also believe that blending and sharing your Reiki energy with someone who is shocked at having broken a bone is a different matter entirely.

I would certainly hold someone and let my Reiki energy suffuse their whole body and thereby reduce the shock and bring more stability to the situation.

Sort of, emanate your Reiki generally into the immediate situation, rather than thinking of the broken bone in particular.

This has definitely worked for me on two specific occasions when friends children have fallen and broken something.

But again, in any situation you must call upon your own judgement. Sitting a grown man on your lap might not be so easy as dealing with a child… ha ha ha!

Second question…

I also read that if going in for an operation, Reiki should not be done too close to the operation date as Reiki makes the anaesthetic drugs not work?

Your comments on this would also be appreciated.

And my answer…

I don’t agree with this statement at all… it doesn’t make any sense and having worked in an operating theatre for 2 years I do have a slight insight into things… ha ha ha!

Personally I would favour the exact opposite and go for as much Reiki as possible, right up until the person is wheeled into the anaesthetic room 🙂

And then give them more as soon as they came out again!

As always, trust your own intuition in every situation but I have a feeling you wouldn’t be asking the question if you agreed with the statement.

Personally, I’ve never heard such nonsense…

…and I’d like to remind you to always remember to TRUST in yourself every time!

For the right thing to do will always present itself…

But do remember, as well, to always question the absurd too.

Still, there’s nothing like a good laugh to make you feel better… ha ha ha!

Judith 🙂

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