Reiki and HIV

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Reiki and HIV

Q… Please can you help me?

After nearly 9 years of taking TOXIC HIV drugs, for Advanced HIV, 17 days ago I omitted them.

I will not put this body into TOXIC SHOCK anymore…

My darling Mother crossed on the 8th October 2009, at 7pm and found the courage to ask my legal partner to leave my home, as he was entertaining many others, behind my back…

I’m all over the place at the moment…

I Believe God and the Arch Angels will heal this body. There are so many lies around HIV. I am done listening to all the lies…

Please, any help or advice would be most welcomed…

And my answer…

At certain stages in life and situations, we reach a ‘crisis’ point.

Our illness seems unmanageable, that job unattainable, our relationships crumble before our very eyes, breaking our hearts and sinking us into depression… 🙁

BUT… the good news is 🙂

When we reach this ‘crisis’ point, it’s because we’ve come to THE CORNER…

And life will sling us around that bend faster than we can comprehend – at the time.

After ringing the doctor to make a house call, you suddenly start to improve 🙂

Just when you think… I’ll stay on benefits for the rest of my life and be poor, a better offer or opportunity appears 🙂

And when you’ve finished weeping on your best friends shoulder, you find a new relationship developing that was right under your nose 🙂

But can you see the trigger that helps you go round the bend?

It’s what I call the ‘Oh bugger it’ moment… 🙂

It’s the moment we let go and surrender.

At exactly that moment, the Universe kicks in to present exactly the perfect outcome for us, at that moment, to move us forward in the perfect direction.

I cannot help everyone, but I can listen…

My advice is not for everyone… but your own is perfect for you.

TRUST YOURSELF implicitly every step of the way.

You have let go of your apparent illness, you have released yourself from a degrading relationship and you are in the perfect position to create the life you do want.

Trust yourself and you will begin to grow stronger physically and emotionally everyday 🙂

The only way you can go from here is up, up, up!

Use your anger to give you the courage to speak out and speak up for yourself. Let your voice be heard.

Use your anger to give you the energy to create the change you want to see.

Let your anger release your passion!!!

I cannot help everyone, but I am here and I can listen.

When your world falls apart and you need a rock or a safe harbour, just know I am here in the background, holding steadfast and true… just FOR YOU 🙂

You can use my Reiki energy to steady yourself until you feel ready to fly off on your own again 🙂

After all… that’s what friends are for.

Here’s another question…

Q… After many years of wanting to do Reiki, I finally have the chance, thanks to you.

I feel so relaxed and calm since I did the attunement and look forward to learning a whole lot more about how I can use Reiki every day.

By the way, I have used the Strengthening My Connection To Reiki meditation twice now and WOW!

I am blown away by how good it is.

I would love to do the other 3 as soon as possible but I have a question here…

Should I just stick with one for 21 days or can I do a different one each day?

Is it alright to do one in the morning and maybe do the Chakra Balancing one when I go to bed?

I have a lot of trouble sleeping and thought it may help.

Thanks again for all the wonderful work you are doing with this site… bringing Reiki to the people who need it but can’t afford the other expensive programmes.


And my answer…

Champion… that’s what we like to hear ! People enjoying and having fun with their Reiki 🙂

Now, it’s fine to chop and change your meditations as you ‘feel’ the need to – but it’s also very nice to work with just one for a longer period of time.

So for now, especially as you are just getting to grips with Reiki, I would suggest just using the one meditation.

Just as it’s important to repeat your affirmations constantly, so it is with any new meditation.

Our meditations use the latest technology to help put you in that space where ‘shift happens’…

…so, repeated and consistent use will give the speediest results because it allows the information and affirmations to sink down into your subconscious mind.

Having said that though, it would also work very well doing one in the morning and a different one in the evening, as you have suggested… 🙂

But, keep it simple and don’t jiggle things too much or you may end up confusing yourself.

Rest assured however – you won’t do yourself any harm, as all the meditations are ‘good for you’… ha ha ha !!!

Click Here For The Meditation

Judith 🙂

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