Reiki and Inherited Conditions


Hi, I’m Judith of Chikara-Reiki-Do and I’m answering your questions on Reiki.

So, question:

If a person has a disease, the cause of which came from his or her parents or grandparents. Or from a DNA problem before he or she was born? Can Reiki help?


Reiki has the power to change anything and everything that you want it to.

For there is only one energy, it is you and you are it.

You are involved connected, flowing, immersed, creator and co-creator of anything and everything, that is you.

You are Reiki and Reiki is you, therefore your wish is your Reiki energies command.

So, you are your grandparents and they are you.

You are your illness. And it is an expression of you.

You cannot have this set of life experiences unless you chose or agree to have whatever genetic thingy you have.

You cannot experience downs syndrome or diabetes, unless you actually have them.

Your mother cannot experience the emotion of having a disabled child, unless you agreed to play this part for her.

There are many people’s personal life experiences all intermingling in the everyday stage play, we call life.

You are correct in that you can alter the experience by knowing this.

And then taking steps to change things.

Just be aware that some challenges maybe here to stay for this lifetime.

But, that does not mean, just because you now don’t like them, that you didn’t agree to them previously.

It doesn’t mean you cannot work a miracle either.

Remember, there is no separation duality, two of anything.

There is only you.

Everything is a demonstration of your one energy.

And for you to demonstrate one part, there has to be the other opposite part too, to complete the whole.

So, all together, there is no part.

Only the totality, which is you.

You are the power.

You are the energy.

Thanks for listening.

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