Reiki And Intuition

How do you develop your Reiki And Intuition?

Well, first of all, knowing what intuition is can be helpful!

And so as not to get fluffy, (I don’t do fluffy).

We’ll start by interchanging the word intuition with instinct.

How does that feel..?

Hopefully it’s easier to grasp, for instinct is more solid, gutsy and tangible…

More ‘real’.

Of course, some people already follow their Reiki intuitions/instincts more than others…

…and find their lives flowing in some ‘miraculous’ ways.

Whilst others who constantly suppress these instincts seem to end up leading smaller more miserable lives.

So, try following your ‘gut’ instincts – your hunches – for a while, and see what happens.

People who do are usually more relaxed, happy and comfortable with both themselves and others.

Sure, their lives may, at times, be erratic, spontaneous, fun, scary, dynamic, dramatic, ‘seat of the pants’ stuff – but always interesting, expanding and moving – even in the ‘bad’ bits.

By comparison…

People not following their own ‘gut’ feelings, can find themselves living lives largely dominated by fear…

Afraid if they do.

Afraid if they don’t.

Okay, so let’s get back to intuiting with Reiki.

Doing an intuitive reading for someone is simply a matter of interpreting symbols.

What symbols?

Well, any word, number, color or picture etc. can symbolize, represent or ‘mean’ something to you.

The colors they’re wearing, their demeanor, walk, stance etc. The words they choose to use – and the words they don’t…

All begin to build a meaningful picture in your head.

They are so close to the situations and relationships that they can’t see the wood for the trees…

But you can.

So, describe what you ‘see’ in your head and how that picture makes you FEEL.

Then, what would you take out of the picture to make it ‘feel’ better

And, what would you add to enhance the ‘picture’ for this person?

I have always been very psychic, or have an uncanny knack of interpreting symbols. And the more you practice, the better and more accurate you get.

To help enhance this natural skill, that we all have and use, try using the Distance Symbol. It works brilliantly for me. (But try all the symbols and see which works best for you).

Now, just sit quietly for a moment, nobody will notice

Draw out the Distance Symbol over each palm. Then draw, or imagine, the symbol in front of each chakra.

Breathe it in, silently chanting the name three times.

Sit for a moment more.

Intend that you will be ‘shown’ some ‘signs’ (symbols).


Look for the symbols/signs

They will be jumping out at you.

Your insight into this person or situation will be astounding.

But what about you and your life situations. Well, it works the same way…

Only now YOU are the sitter!

The technique is the same but the interpretation is harder because we are not always clear on how we see ourselves.

So use the Distance Symbol again and go through your day looking for answers to your questions.

Know, that in the next 10 minutes you want the answer

It is staring you in the face right now, only you’ve not been looking, let alone seeing, until now.

So, pop on your psychic specs and get intuiting.

And trust, trust, trust that you will be right… perfect.

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