Reiki and Kidney Stones

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The question: Reiki and Kidney Stones

Q… I am treating my niece at present, who has kidney stones. However, I am not sure what I am trying to achieve!

She does not appear to be having much pain. She has had two treatments of “zapping” in hospital but they cannot break them up. She may have to have an operation for their removal. Have any of your group treated someone in this category? Would appreciate some advice. Many thanks.

And my answer:

A… As always, never treat a condition or expect a certain outcome.

Simply share your Reiki energy and the person will do with that energy, whatever is appropriate for them.

Whatever that is, we should not judge it as being the right or wrong thing to happen, because we don’t know.

But knowing it’s a kidney problem perhaps these insights might be of help.


Your kidneys are your energy batteries and depleted kidney energy leaves you feeling tired and bone weary. Your get up and go has suddenly gone. But there’s more…

Kidneys come in twos and are linked to ‘partnerships’. Not just relationships but a feeling of being partners, part of a team, working in tandem, an important cog in the wheel. Sharing the load, spreading the weight, a problem halved 🙂 Two heads are better than one, yin and yang…


Kidneys do all that and more. Any problem with your kidneys can relate to the above areas in your life.

I get kidney ache and feel tired when I get overwhelmed with my work load, etc. and, as a woman, feel I’m doing it all myself…

When I re-connect with the ‘team spirit’ and stop trying to do it all by myself, my energy soars again 🙂

Perhaps you could observe your niece’s connection to those around her?

When we pull together as a team of healers we get marvellous results. When we as individuals, come together as Chikara-Reiki-Do Masters we are no longer ‘little drops’ but a powerful, flowing energy source of immense impact!

When we join together, truly as the ‘One Energy’ and express it in our own unique way but holding the same intention ‘in mind’ or in our THOUGHTS, then anything is possible 🙂

Kidneys are also intimately connected to water, more so than your other organs.

‘Wee’ know the power that water has to read and react. So the next time you are ‘passing’ water, literally or actually, spare a loving THOUGHT for all others 🙂

Chuffin’ magic… ha ha ha!

But just before I leave you to enjoy the rest of your weekend, let me say a “big thank you”.

Thanks for joining in, thanks for sharing and caring, thanks for simply being who you are, and thanks for listening 🙂

You are much appreciated.

Until next week…

Judith 🙂

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