Reiki and Life Experiences


Hi, I’m Judith of Chikara-Reiki-Do and I’m answering your questions on Reiki.

So, question:

Talking about the experiences we agree to bring into our lives. Do you think that sometimes we forget what it is we actually intended and then go about creating a whole lot of things we didn’t originally agree to and don’t even want while we’re here?


Yes, we do forget or get distracted and bogged down in the very seemingly real events that happen in our lives…

Just like many people believe soap-operas are for real.

We are always denying responsibility for many of our creations, even if they’re brilliant.

Oh no, sir, me sir, no sir. The credit or blame belongs to him, sir. Honest John, the angels, Tiny Tim, but not me sir.

But the other habit we all fall into…

…is simply allowing events, people and situations to somehow take over our minds.

And before we know it, we seem to have lost control over everything.

We have given away our power to all and sundry and find it hard to regain it with any decorum or credibility.

Usually we create a crisis of some sort, to turn our lives around, and get back on track again.

Think of all those stories…

…you hear of so-and-so having cancer and then dramatically turning it around at the last minute.

Or someone who loses a leg and then gets motivated to climb the mountain.

Personally, I would rather not create that sort of death bed drama.

I think a lot of the energy around at the moment is about getting back on the right track for each of us.

The trick is to do that without getting run over by a bus or creating a deadly illness or marrying the wrong person or sticking in a dead-end job.

Thanks for listening.

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