Reiki and Money

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Reiki and Money

So, as I am feeling in fine fettle again, let me address a very basic situation which seems to arise every time we send out an email for one of our new products…

Especially if it’s all about MONEY… ha ha ha! And, boy does that seem to rattle people.

But the plain truth is you cannot function to any degree without it in this life experience.

In fact, the more you have, the more you can do and help others – if that is your desire.

Look, if you cannot help yourself and provide for you, then what earthly good are you to anyone else?

What example do you set?

You see, spirituality and poverty absolutely DO NOT belong together – and if you believe that they do you’ve bought into the religious ploy designed to keep you well and truly down trodden.

Consider this…

We live in a total illusion – and even our scientists/physicists are now confirming that.

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one – Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)

So in this world of illusion why is it that the only illusion most people reckon they can’t have more of, is money? 🙂

It’s simply a matter of creating your own illusion of personal wealth…

…by creating the right mind set.

Thoughts, words and ACTION!

It’s very strange to me that on the one hand people tell me they love listening to my particular brand of wisdom…

…but if I offer any hint on creating MONEY I suddenly grow horns… ha ha ha!

So, I will say this again…

THERE IS ONLY ONE ENERGY – call it God, call it you, call it Reiki, call it money, call it whatever you like.

Did you hear me there???

YOU are a reflection of the money energy in your life – as it is you and you are also it.

Yes, everyone can gingerly talk of money as an ‘energy of exchange’ – but few can get to grips with the fear of the stuff stifling their life experiences.


Answer yourself honestly…

Just like Reiki energy, MONEY energy will make you more of who you are…

It will allow you to express yourself elegantly and gracefully.

Many of you want to live in a nice house, drive a good car and have a happy, healthy family, with time and space for YOU.


Why then, should I not want the same for you too?

I can only share with you what has worked for me, be that in the expertise of Reiki or in the creation of MONEY.

THERE IS ONLY ONE ENERGY… did you hear me this time?

Take a good look in your wallet or purse or bank balance – is it emptier than you would like?

Now ask yourself WHY?

Why do you deny this aspect of yourself?

Be proud, be confident, and show the world what you are made of!

Get off your knees and get busy improving yourself AND YOUR FINANCES.

The energy is the same for doing both things. One brings about the other…

It’s about time you realised YOU ARE THE POWER behind it all.

OK then, enough cage rattling, I’ll step down from my soap box and get to the question…

Q… How do you deal with the client who needs to chat?

On one hand, I can sense that this person has a strong desire to talk to someone who, he feels, is really listening.

But on the other hand, I tend to be a very verbal person and have trouble focusing my intent while my conscious mind is engaged.

I’m afraid my treatment will not be as powerful and afterwards my client might feel the benefit of the conversation but may not feel any benefit from the Reiki and will not want to return or to recommend me.

Any hints?

As always, your videos are so encouraging.

I was in rather a funk Friday and yesterday, then I sat and listened to the Friday and Saturday videos.

While they are on the surface all about Reiki, they seem primarily about claiming and owning one’s personal power, which is exactly what attracted me to your program 🙂

Listening helped me take ownership of my mood and transform it.

Later in the evening we tried to play a DVD, and four times the machine gave us the message “Disk is unreadable.”

Then while my husband was rummaging around for a new movie, I held the disk between my hands and intended that it would play.

Much to his amazement, it did 🙂

It was a bit skippy but definitely most welcome, which perhaps describes the current state of my Reiki.

And you’re right, Reiki is good for everything!


And my answer…

A… As someone who talks for a living I know what you mean about this question.

Not that I’m garrulous at all… ha ha ha!

The trick is to simply LISTEN in an engaging but not distracting to you, sort of a way 🙂

I once worked with a wonderful woman who was a physiotherapist.

All her patients adored her and said how they enjoyed her company.

In the 2 weeks that I worked closely with her, I noticed she never said a word to her patients… ha ha ha!

They, on the other hand, chatted away 10 to the dozen 🙂

All the physio did was ‘make the right noises in the right places’…

She ummed and ahhed and smiled and nodded but never actually engaged in one single conversation!

She just stood there and did her job.

It’s the same with your clients…

Do not attach to the conversation… just make the right noises and leave yourself free to do your part 🙂

You’ll be amazed how well this works and how quickly your clients will talk themselves out and fall asleep… ha ha ha!

And yes, I am right, Reiki seems to work very well at charging batteries, mending washing machines, starting cars, works miracles on computers and now fixes DVD’s too…

What more can I say 🙂


Judith 🙂

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