Reiki and Parkinsons

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Reiki and Parkinsons

Q…Is reiki helpful in achieving calm in Parkinsons patients?

A…YES…But as with any therapy, in truth, you have to try it and see. What works for one person may not work for another.

With Parkinson’s disease you get a ‘fine motor’ tremor. As soon as you touch or hold something the tremor stops.

As it progresses the tremor gets worse.

The patient often suffers bouts of frustration too, which appears to come out as aggressive behaviour. But then we would also like to smack something if we were in that position…ha ha ha!

So yes, Reiki will help to calm the physical tremors a little but it will do more to sooth the aggressive outbursts by bringing some peace of mind and serenity to the patient.

Reiki itself is simply very soothing and calming to ALL who practice or receive it regularly.

And another short question…

Q…I am into my 12th week this week, I have read that sometimes an attunment can cause some negative effects on the body as it clears out stuff, presenting as cold or flu like symtoms.

So I would like to ask if it’s safe to do this whilst pregnant?

And my answer…

A…Yes, it is perfectly safe to be attuned or to do your own self attunement whilst at any stage of pregnancy….

BUT…you have asked, so TRUST YOURSELF, you must feel a little reservation inside.

I would simply suggest you wait a week or two until you are comfortabley over the 3 month mark and your pregnancy is more stable, so to speak.

Then YOU will feel more comfortable and confident too 🙂

Perfick and Congratulations by the way!

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Judith 🙂

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