Reiki And Perpetual Love

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Reiki and Perpetual Love

Right now today, we’re asking all Reiki practitioners to begin intentionally adding their Reiki energy – in other words their energy of Love – to the on-going, and accelerating, evolution of our beautiful planet Earth.

And NO, we’re absolutely not buying into the doom, gloom and devastation as predicted by many 2012 prognosticators…

Because we see this ‘time’ as more of a positive event – a ‘time’ of quickening the enlightenment of planet Earth and all who sail on her…

A ‘time’ when everyone comes to know life is not about…

Sh*t happens and then you die – it’s about shift happens and then you fly.

So here’s how it’ll work

Overnight, charge a glass of Reiki water by simply placing the glass, with any kind of clean, wholesome water in it, on a coaster with the Distance symbol drawn on it…

…or, if you’re not yet a Reiki practitioner, by writing the word LOVE on the coaster and standing your water on that!

6am the next morning:

Be out of bed and sitting comfortably in any way you please.

Drink a couple of mouthfuls of this Reiki or LOVE charged water whilst holding the intention of feeling the Reiki-LOVE energy, now infused within the water, filling, suffusing and spreading out inside of you.

Now, draw out the Distance symbol or, if you’re not yet a Reiki practitioner, a heart-shape over your palms…

…and place one hand comfortably on your heart chakra and the other on your solar plexus area.

I like to wear my headphones, as they cut out more noise and make me feel more silent somehow. They disconnect me from the outside world too. (But if you don’t have any, don’t worry)

Then simply watch yourself.

Watch your breathing…

Take a deep breath in relax and let go, as you exhale.

Watch your body fidget, listen to it – take a deep breath in and relax and let it go.

Don’t fight it, simply stop resisting and observe instead.

Listen to the silence.

Embrace it, fall into it. Be it.

Allow your thoughts to wander around happy events, loving situations, cheerful outcomes 🙂

Just think about anything and everything which puts you into a loving frame of mind – puppies, kittens, sunsets, partners, children etc…

…and let this Reiki/LOVE pour out of you.

For, remember: Reiki = LOVE and LOVE = Reiki 🙂

And if you’re not using Reiki just allow the LOVE to flow out of you.

Then sit comfortably and silently for as long as you are able.

Half an hour would be brilliant if you can manage it – or more if you wish – but even a few minutes will be of tremendous help.

When you’ve finished place your hands together in the prayer position and say, out loud or silently: “I seal this process with love and wisdom”.
Excellent, well done you!

Now, I’ve chosen 6am because in the quiet of the morning, before the whole world wakes up, you can feel the emptiness…

You can sense the lack of ‘noise’ in the atmosphere.

You see, usually the air is full of radio waves, EMF’s, mobile phone connections, TV’s, computers, money transfers and wire-less technology etc. etc. etc.

But in the still of the morning, you can sense an absence of these things around you.

Particularly 6am on a Sunday morning… it’s positively blissful.

And, as the hour of 6am travels around the globe, with many people committed to this daily process…

…so will a gathering energy – a sort of Mexican wave – of continual Reiki and continual LOVE constantly bathing and changing the planet for the better…

…creating a kind of modern day Ghandi effect, using Reiki, LOVE and non-resistance!


Okay, that’s enough for today – I’ll be continuing this theme in future Sunday and maybe weekday chats – so keep your eye out for them.

Judith 🙂

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