Reiki and personal FREEDOM

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Reiki and personal FREEDOM

Sssshishhhh… I should not have mentioned the weather last week! Ten minutes later we had snow πŸ™

But as we live right by the seaside it didn’t linger for long.

Better not say anything this week just in case πŸ™‚

I feel a sense of urgency about this week and I feel I need to make a move towards putting things in place about our future adventures. I feel another clearout coming on… ha ha ha!

But let’s hope I don’t catch DC’s cold type of clearout πŸ™‚

More likely there is a need to clarify things and start doing, not just dreaming πŸ™‚

So with that in mind, I must start allowing myself time to do what nourishes, challenges and inspires ME.

We have compiled a brilliant ‘do-it-yourself’ Reiki Package at a very reasonable price.

But that is not all this Ultimate Reiki Package is about. It was primarily conceived as a tool for personal FREEDOM.

Understanding that you are the ONE ENERGY and that you are the POWER behind everything in your life, not just your Reiki energy is a huge step.

Reiki is one way of discovering this for yourself… by yourself and through your own experience.

It is simply a set of keys to unlock that knowledge within you…

To access your “knowingness”…

When you grok the fullness of this then everything you have ‘learned’ drops away… you are simply YOU.

Majestic, dynamic, powerful beyond your belief (as yet)…

‘I’ am not the person you think ‘I’ am… I am the person “I think I am”… ha ha ha!

If you can fully realize the power of YOUR thoughts, then you are well on your way to understanding the power of your intention, which is only your thoughts focussed in an intense fashion.

Absolutely EVERYTHING you see around you is a thought made manifest. From the crumb on the carpet to the carpet it fell on, to the eyes that see it…

Now, when you look around you, take a look at your life… what do you see?

For that is the sum of your creation. You created or allowed every last thing, person and event around you and the experiences and memories that came your way too πŸ™‚

How powerful is that? Chuffin’ grand πŸ™‚

Own it, work it, love it, appreciate it… IT being an expression of YOU. The all of you. The life you chose to live…

As for me, my next grand adventure is just in the making!

‘Setting an example is not the main means of influencing others; it is the only means’.

Albert Einstein

I must tread my own path and you are all welcome to follow along and follow my example UNTIL you decide not to follow anyone but listen to your own heart’s song.

That’s lyrical enough for one day… ha ha ha!

A question…


In your newsletter “Hands, Knees, Fingers and Toes?… Who Nose” you mention the β€˜bending a candle flame’ to Dan.

Can you explain this more – how to do it, etc?



And my answer…

Hi Glen

Basically, you sit with a candle flame and point your finger at
it πŸ™‚

Then allow yourself to relax and project your energy from your finger outwards until you make the candle flame move, dance or ‘bend’…

Be careful not to breathe at the candle by mistake πŸ™‚

The more you RELAX the easier it is πŸ™‚

Any tension in your muscles will restrict the flow of energy through the very fibres of your being.

It sounds easy, like the Qi Gong Standing Like a Tree exercises, but it is bloomin’ difficult and takes a lot of practice and patience… ha ha ha!!!

You could try one of our Reiki meditations to help you specifically relax…

Click Here To Take A Look At Our Meditations

Or use your own favourite meditation technique.

Remember not to get addicted to practicing this (it is very easy to!) but it makes a brilliant party piece for Christmas and birthdays!

This exercise works very well if you wish to focus your Reiki energy on one particular thing too. Be that a situation or toothache or mechanical car part or even your phone
battery πŸ™‚

Right, I’m off to have some fun… hope you are too πŸ™‚

Judith πŸ™‚

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