Reiki and Personal Power

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Reiki and Personal Power

Q… I am interested in your course, however I would like to know if after attunement, ie after a few days, will I experience a lot of unpleasantness and will my emotions go a bit haywire?

Love and peace

And my answer…

A… Some people do get symptoms of a clearout either physically or emotionally…

It might show up as just the snuffles or it might be a total nervous breakdown! 🙂

But whatever the outcome, I trust implicitly, that it will be perfick just for you and all concerned, in the long run.

Whether you would actually get any ‘healing crisis or clearout’ I cannot tell, but…

If you believe you will have them or are worried you will get them, then there is a fair chance you will draw that experience to you 🙂

So remember…’always look on the bright side of life’… be do, be do, be do, be do… 🙂

And another similar question… 🙂

Q… Is there any harm that can be realized during the attunements?


You are simply awakening to your own power, your own abilities, your own consciousness…

How can too much of yourself be a bad thing? 🙂 Really, ask yourself?

You cannot have too much of yourself! You are the ‘all of it’ already… ha ha ha!

Embrace yourself, bring it on, go for it.

We do not subscribe to that nonsense theory that any attunements may do you harm.

Either you create your own reality and accept responsibility for your own actions, or you simply blame some external event or person for your own misfortune… and therefore give away your power and become a pawn or victim of circumstances.

All fear based stories are about control. Be free!

Take back ownership of your life right now and accept that you put yourself right here, right now, to experience whatever it is you are going through.

When you do that, if you don’t like what is happening, YOU CAN CHANGE IT… because no-one else can do it for you.

But we all appreciate feeling validated and loved, so please click here for a bit more of both 🙂

Judith 🙂

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