Reiki and Protecting Yourself

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Reiki and Protecting Yourself

Q… I know about after giving a Reiki healing to brush clear yourself from carrying the ailment, I’ve heard of the plant to brush around but haven’t done this as yet but I am always aware of washing my hands afterwards and I wipe away down my arms and across my body to ward off anything that may be lingering.

Some say you don’t have to do this, some do. I’m not sure what your thoughts are on this if you wouldn’t mind sharing please Judith.

I experienced about a week ago a very sore left heel for a whole day. 🙁

A client had come to me the week before also and their main concern was sore feet and in particular a spur on the left heel.

It was quite an amazing experience for her, although she seemed to appear to be asleep the whole time, she was aware of each of my movements but was amazed that I had stayed at her feet for about 10 minutes when it only seemed to be about 30 seconds to her.

But my main concern is that ‘I’ had the sore foot… which has now completely gone.

I remember at the time saying out loud move on you don’t need to be here and thought to myself it was worth me carrying it for a day if it meant my client losing it forever.

Is this just a coincidence Judith and is there more I could be doing to protect myself from this happening or even if it’s just in my own thoughts. Though I must say, my foot was very sore, so it wasn’t just in my imagination!

And my answer…

A… Sometimes things are just what they are and no matter how hard we look for a ‘reason’, they simply are…

But sometimes we also have to understand that the outer reflects our inner and that because there is only One Energy, that means we are all One and the same too!

Understanding that the ‘sore heel’ was not yours, per se, it still did not go away… so….

What was the pertinent message for you?

Feet connect to the 1st chakra and suggest stability, balance, stepping forward, bounce and confidence 🙂

Perhaps you need to take a look at these areas in your life too?

There are NO accidents ever and clients are drawn to us, not only for their benefit but to show us things about ourselves too… ha ha ha!

You sound confident and balanced enough but perhaps you are not so confident yet, to expand upon what you do.

Perhaps going professional as a healer? Or perhaps becoming a teacher?

Perhaps stepping out beyond the boundaries you have set just now?

Pain is often guilt being reflected back to us…

Are you feeling guilty?

Perhaps you worry about charging for your time and energy for healing?

Perhaps you feel bad about being so good at healing… ha ha ha!

Or for making a living from healing because you believe that as your healing is a ‘God given talent’ you should not be charging for it 🙁

(Just a quick aside here…

And before anyone says a word… let me be clear…

ALL talents are ‘God’ given!

So if you’re not a healer yourself but maybe a good mechanic, typist, or just plain Joe Public – be prepared to work for nothing yourself before you pass judgement on anyone earning their living from healing.

OK, end of aside!…)

But, only you can know for sure.

Just remember to do your own Reiki self treatment each day and in the quiet, ponder what this meant for you… ponder your personal message to yourself 🙂

And I’ll do the same 🙂

OK, another similar question…

Q… I would like to know, since becoming aware of being an energy healer, do I have to be concerned with whom I hug or touch?

Might I pick up their Karma or energy… eg. if they are ill?

And my answer…

A… This question or a very similar one has been answered in a previous Sunday Chat so please read it again here

Judith 🙂

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