Reiki And Sleep

Reiki and sleep…

There are so many different reasons for not sleeping well…

Stress, worry, ill health, poor air, too hot, too cold and so on. The list almost goes on forever. And…

It’s truly incredible what we can ‘dream’ up to stop us getting proper, refreshing rest.

Stressing out at work – overwhelming ourselves with jobs to do…

Making lists… prioritizing… and still we can’t do it all.


Tomorrow begins with us having to rocket out of the starting blocks, almost literally having to run up hill, just so we can catch up with yesterday.

Not content with this though…

We then rush out to eat food that would knock out an elephant and to which most discerning rats would turn up their noses.

And we wonder why we suffer from irritable bowel, gas, bloating, acid heartburn, constipation or worse?

But we must keep going, so…

We drug ourselves awake with coffee and tea and then add caffeine rich, sugar loaded soft drinks for energy.

It’s all hurry, hurry – worry, worry. We rush to work and then rush home.

We haven’t time to cook real food anymore, so we bung stuff in the microwave or boil it in a bag…

Sometimes even standing up in the kitchen, eating it straight out of the tray – just to save time on the washing up.

All so that we can sit down, exhausted, in front of the telly to be fed more crap…

‘A telly diet’ full of poisons – violence, abuse, hatred, war, spying on your neighbour and learning not to trust a soul in the world, not even yourself.

And then off to bed.

In the bedroom maybe we’ll flick on the telly for the final good news story at the end of the news program…

You know the kind of thing…

The one about the bag full of puppies that were dumped in a landfill site, but managed to survive – or some other such jolly tale…

Ho, ho, ho.

It’s no wonder we can’t get any restful sleep, is it?

But, a few easy to follow steps can help iron out some of the major problems.

Keep it simple. Learn to keep your life simple…

Simplify your work by saying no. It is much better to do less very well, than to do lots shoddily. And your boss will agree because the results will prove you right.

Less is more.

Simplify your food by not bothering to cook at all, or very little!

Lots of raw fruit and veg – the 20/80% rule is good here. 20% cooked to 80% raw. Don’t buy processed and don’t process it yourself.

Buy food that sounds like it may actually be food.

For instance butter – made simply from milk fat – not margarine which is mainly chemical plasticizers.

If you’re going to eat sugar, eat sugar – natural unrefined and not too much…

Don’t eat a deadly chemical substitute.

Take time to prepare your food…

Sit down to eat it. Enjoy it, don’t rush it. Why rush it? Where are you going? You won’t go far without fuel. So relax, chill and take time to digest.

Keep hydrated. Make sure you drink water. The best water you can get. Water that’s clean and pure and, preferably, charged with Reiki.

It’s simple and good for you and your body knows this.

Choose your telly watching carefully. Pretend you are choosing for a beautiful child that you don’t want to frighten or corrupt.

Now the best part…

  1. Relax in a beautiful bath.
  2. Fill the bath with warm water.
  3. Add one large jug of Reiki charged water, and swish.
  4. Get in and soak for at least 5 minutes or more.
  5. Dissolve away your cares.
  6. Use gentle, natural soap to cleanse.
  7. Use only natural products in the bathroom.
  8. Keep the bedroom for sleeping. No electrical stuff if possible.

Before getting into bed stand at the foot of it and draw out over it a large Raku Symbol. Intend that the Reiki energy rebalances and re-energizes you throughout the night.

Keep a glass of water charging by the bed, by standing it on a white coaster with all the Reiki symbols drawn on it.

When you awake in the morning drink the Reiki water…

It’s refreshing revitalizing and reenergizing.

There… simple really!

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