Reiki and Spinal Tumor

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Reiki and Spinal Tumor

Dear Judith,

It has been sometime since I have written. Life is still very busy and very, very complicated.

I still have the tumor/lesion/unidentified mass (they don’t know what it is because they cannot biopsy it) in my spinal cord and the traditional ‘docs’ have now put me off treatment until next February.

This gives me lots of time to work on this via homeopathy, prayer, exercise and of course Reiki methods.

I am currently seeing a traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner (a doctor for over 40 years) and she specializes in acupuncture, herbal medicines etc.

I mentioned to her that I was studying Reiki and she told me not to try to heal myself at this time and indicated that self-healing is not possible. She said that I have too many toxins in my body and too much stress in my life and my Chi is too weak to even attempt a healing.

The toxins and blocked Chi scenario resonate as true to me but not being able to heal myself seems to contradict what I have learned about Reiki from you.

The low Chi level explanation does make sense but I also believe that we learn truths by direct experience – and I have none at this time – so I turn to you.

What is your take on all of this? How do we as Chikara-Reiki-Do Masters reconcile this apparent contradiction within these two ancient healing arts?

Thank you again sincerely for your kind words and support.

Love, laughter and light…

And my answer which I have broken up into a chatty format…

Q… She told me not to try to heal myself at this time and indicated that self-healing is not possible.

A… Truthfully how does that resonate in you ???

Sounds like a load of bull to me 🙂 The ONLY person who is going to heal you is YOU !!! Anyone else involved just plays a supporting role whilst you and your body get on with the healing.

Sure, the healer can help to create the right conditions for your healing to take place – but no-one ever ‘heals’ you, you do that entirely yourself.

Q… She said that I have too many toxins in my body

A… So clear them out 🙂

Simply diet – after Xmas of course… ha ha ha!

You know, lots of “eat your greens” and any food you feel particularly drawn to. Lots of farty brassica’s are brilliant.

That’s cabbage, cauliflower, sprouts, and of course broccoli. 🙂

And drink Reiki charged water throughout the day.

Q…Too much stress…

A… Chill out and take time to relax. Use one of our special meditations, if you think that will help (and it will!).

Say ‘no’ to what you don’t want and ‘yes’ to all you do want.

But remember, stress can be a brilliant motivator 🙂 It implores us to become more innovative and unique in our concepts and designs.

Stressful living is living life on the IN breath…

You feel full, overwhelmed, light-headed and unbalanced. Your whole energy is ‘top’ heavy. It’s stuck in your chest and head.

So please, just sigh in relief… and try breathing out once in a while… ha ha ha!!!

Live life on the OUT breath…

You’ll feel much lighter, uncluttered and grounded 🙂 Breathing a sigh of relief brings your energy back down to your Hara, Tan Tien, Base Chakra area.

And, immediately, you find yourself on an even keel, even when ‘your boat is rocking in a storm’ 🙂

Q… My Chi is too weak to even attempt a healing.

A… Let go and let it flow 🙂 Have fun in your life 🙂

As you start to drop the ‘don’t wants’ and replace them with ‘do wants’ then your energy will return.

In the meantime go bare foot and feel the earth replenish you.

When you relax and meditate use just one word for a mantra… softly whisper to yourself…”YES”…

Just that… say yes to life… softly, positively and with love, honour and respect – respect for your very being.

You have asked for my advice and I hope it helps, but always trust that little voice inside you…

…for when you hear something that doesn’t ‘sit right’ for you, then it is NOT right for you… maybe it is for all the other people – but not for you!

Trust – always, always, all-ways TRUST YOURSELF… 🙂

Plenty of sprouts and pudding should put hairs on your chest lad 🙂

Have a great Xmas…

Now, I cannot stress strongly enough how important it is to trust yourself – to use your intuition, (in-tuition, inner tutor, in-to-you-ition).

And the more you do so, the more confident in yourself you become.

So, celebrate being different, being unique, being original, because we all are 🙂 There never will be a “one remedy cures all”.

We all create/discover our own remedy (just as we also create/discover our own illness too), our own path, our own wisdom, as we wander along through life and like magic, it occurs with perfick timing 🙂

And just like bloomin’ magic, I shall conjure up the Sunday roast too… ha ha ha!!! Now that is perfick timing 🙂

Judith 🙂

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