Reiki and The Big C

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Reiki and The Big C

And just to jolly along the proceedings I thought this week we could talk about death and cancer.

They appear to go together like death and taxes… ha ha ha!

(Never lose your sense of humour!)

So the first question…

Q… I have lost family members to cancer, now my sister in law has found out her cancer has come back, in another part of her body.

What I would like to know is, how far does Reiki help health wise. Can it help people with cancer?

And my answer…

A… Much as I would love to say Reiki will cure your sister-in-law I can’t. And not because of the legalities of making such a claim…ha ha ha!

Reiki may well cure her but more likely it will help her to live longer and more comfortably. Then when the time comes for her to die, it will make her transition easier because she will be more relaxed and at ease with herself.

It will also help you to cope with your grief and the stress.

So I would simply suggest you work backwards…

Deal with her death and plan her funeral now, together. Do it with humour and love.

Say all you need to say, take photos, write messages, keep a journal…etc.

Work your way backwards to today… then you have no worries, you only have to enjoy this moment, the NOW moment.

Just for this moment she is fine and still with you. πŸ™‚

If you sort out and deal with death first, then you can both ‘LIVE IN THE MOMENT’ with joy and laughter NOW.

Reiki is not a cure all, it is simply a method by which someone can heal themselves by understanding why they developed the illness in the first place.

We never heal anyone – we only heal ourselves when ready…

Reiki can appear to work miracles and often does… πŸ™‚

But we each find the right remedy, at the right time, which does the job of supporting us whilst we change our minds and thoughts and then we get well again.

And to do that takes a ‘try it and see’ process of elimination, with each different remedy tried.

OK, another cancer question…

Q… Have you ever done Reiki on someone and they got diarrhea?

My client did for 1 1/2 days after I did a distance treatment on him.

He was not able to take his chemo treatment because of that and he was pretty upset.

I explained to him that his body has to get rid of the cancer or toxins somehow. He hasn’t had diarrhea since, but was concerned about the Thursday healing with so many people sending energy.

What are your feelings on that?

Something very strange happened when I sent him a treatment on the following Sunday, to test and make sure he didn’t get diarrhea again.

I believe he has had a miraculous healing, but have no way to prove it.

And my answer…

A… Champion… John sounds as if he was scared ‘shitless’ and was simply able to release that fear with the support of all the Reiki love that was sent.

TRUST, trust, trust, whatever happens as being for the highest good of all concerned.

He needed to evacuate all that crap – if you’ll pardon the expression and also excuse my ‘French’… ha ha ha!

Just remember, there are NO accidents ever. He needed to miss that chemo session.

Perhaps he is responding extra well and needs less?

Who knows, only John does…

We all sent him energy to do what he most needed to do with it.

His body said let go, and it did.

‘Circumstances’ appeared to say ‘don’t have this chemo session’… so, trust the outcome always…

And, let me just drop in a slightly more radical note – instead of being upset, he should be excited about missing a personal poisoning session… ha ha ha!

You see, his body has been repairing and regenerating itself for how long now..?

Years! So why should it suddenly stop now?

I think the results are brilliant – any change suggests a shift in the stuck ‘sick’ energy – which is truly excellent πŸ™‚

And something else for you to always remember – you don’t have to prove miracles… you just have to ‘know’ πŸ™‚

Okay then, now before I go…

There seems to be a marked increase of people writing in for help with their fears, worries and anxieties about life the universe and everything…

…which they just can’t seem to shift.

Some have even been waking up in states of panic and fear, not even knowing why.

So, here’s what I’m doing to help.

I’m putting together a brand new series of meditation packages…

And not only will these meditations have powerful cutting edge brainwave entrainment within them…

But I’m also including a dynamic ‘you just follow along’ EFT (emotional freedom technique) tapping video in the package too.

So, you just follow along with me, and together we’ll go through the whole tapping sequence to release all the negative emotions you have surrounding whatever issue it is we’re dealing with.

And yes, don’t worry…

…full tapping instructions will be included with every package.

I’ve been an EFT practitioner for over six years, so you’ll benefit from all my knowledge and experience too.

So, if you have any issues you would like me to focus on in future meditation/EFT packages, drop me an email at…

Remember to put β€˜EFT suggestions’ in the subject line or it may be deleted as spam.

If I use it (and you where the first one to make the suggestion) you’ll get the package absolutely free as a thank you.

Perfick πŸ™‚

Until next week…

Judith πŸ™‚

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