Reiki and the Fire Serpent Symbol

Good mornin’ all…

Reiki and the Fire Serpent Symbol

Q… I have read lots of different things about the Fire Serpent Symbol, some positive and other negatives. The negatives bit worry me a bit.

I have read that some people link the fire serpent to the Devil. Other people say as well that when used with the Tibetan master symbol you might feel really depressed after your attunement and even go mental as the fire serpent is already part of the Tibetan master symbol.

I know that any subject can be turned in a positive or a negative way so for this reason I would like you to let me know a bit more about this symbol and the effect that could occur after an attunement link to that symbol.

You might laugh but I have even seen that as this symbol was linked to the kundalini and if you are not ready for changes the fire serpent inside of you can awaken and ” eat your brain”…

And my answer…

A… Please, please stop and think about these things for yourself…

And please do so sensibly 🙂

So far, you have had some lovely experiences with just reading about Reiki and allowing yourself to become more open to life, the Universe and all who sail in her!

Concentrate on what you want to happen and it will be so.

Personally I find all this negative nonsense about the devil and raising your kundalini, to be absolute clap-trap designed to keep you in FEAR – but fear of what?

Yourself and your own inner power!

In truth, the only way to find out if you hold these negative thoughts at the forefront of your mind is to do your self-attunement and see if your kundalini jumps up and bites your bum… ha ha ha!

Reiki opens you up to being more of who you are… and how can you get too much of yourself?

Continuing the conversation…

Q… I didn’t do my attunement yet as I want to answer all my questions and to understand everything 1st. But while studying, I have noticed huge changes inside of me. Some times stronger than others. I feel like my heart was getting full of love, and it is an amazing feeling.

I feel so happy and in peace inside of me and open myself to people. These feelings have come down today but I still feel really good and in peace.

Could you explain what this could come from, as I didn’t do my attunement yet so I do not understand why all this feeling? One day, I also started to see the colors more bright. I am not going mental, but some days I am laughing for anything and can’t stop.

And my answer…

A… This all comes from you experiencing more of who you are.

Which sounds good to me so far 🙂

No mental breakdowns or brain melting episodes… ha ha ha!

You do not have to ‘know’ everything in life, simply accept what is, as what is… and for you, Reiki seems to be working a treat 🙂

And if this is going ‘mental’ for YOU… then how pleasant an experience it is to be mad… ha ha ha!

Trust yourself…

That’s all you have to do 🙂

Judith 🙂

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