Reiki and the Power Symbol

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Reiki and the Power Symbol

Q… My question concerns the use of the Power symbol on the abdomen area.

When I attended deep massage therapy classes, students were instructed to never massage counter clockwise on the abdomen. They said it may cause constipation or other complications.

A massage is hands on, but is also energy flowing. So when drawing out the Power symbol on my abdomen or someone else’s abdomen, I noticed that the circular part of it goes counter clockwise.

I have been drawing it out in front of myself then walking into it, but with others what do you do?

What is your opinion on this concern?

And my answer…

A… A valid question…

When you literally, hands on, massage the gut, you are doing it in order to enhance and encourage the peristaltic movement in the right direction, going with the flow so to speak.

If you do this the wrong way you can actually ‘rub someone up the wrong way’ and if continued the large bowel will simply stop ‘squeezing’ and become sluggish.

And as the bowel reflects your brain too, you may find you become irritable and your thought processes become erratic and confused.

But when using the Reiki you have to remember the symbols are just the keys to invoking the particular facet of the Reiki energy you require – they are not in and of themselves physically impacting on the person…

…they are just, via your intention, allowing the energy related to the symbol to flow.

If your intention is for a healthy flow of energy for everyone’s benefit, then I don’t personally believe it makes any difference which way round you draw out ‘your intention’ in the form of the Power symbol.

You merely draw out the Power symbol to invoke that good energy signature…

I hope that explains what I mean 🙂

But as always, do what feels intrinsically right for you…

Judith 🙂

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