Reiki and the Reconnection system

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Reiki and the Reconnection system

I’m a Chikara-Reiki-Do Master from Barcelona in Spain.

Can you please tell me what is the difference between Reiki and the Reconnection system with Eric Pearl.

I feel that it’s the same “Gods healing energy”, but they say that it’s a bigger frequency.

In Spain, Eric Pearl begins to be very famous and I think it’s the same UNIVERSAL ENERGY.

Best Regards,

And my answer…

As far as we are concerned there is only ONE energy, but many different ways to use it.

We use the Reiki rituals and symbols and Eric does it his
way 🙂

But the energy being manipulated is exactly the same.

It is not an ‘either/or’ question… all that matters is which way works best, for YOU.

Some people find Reiki incredibly powerful… like us 🙂

Some find Eric’s way incredibly powerful… like Eric 🙂

Some find both methods brilliant and some find both entirely useless… ha ha ha!

You just have to trust your own intuition and go with what you personally feel drawn to.

And again… there is no reason why both methods can’t be learned and used in tandem or on specific areas, where one seems to ‘work’ better than the other.

It is simply a question of choice.

But I would like to add a few more thoughts here too, just in case there is any misunderstanding…

First you have Reiki…

You learn the symbols and rituals as a structure or framework to use and understand this One energy, which is both you and also named Reiki.

Then you move beyond Reiki. There is no Reiki.

There is only YOU.

Then there was YOU, the healer, the ONE energy…

Then there is no YOU… there just IS.

That is the blending, the connection to the ONE.

There is only ONE energy but how you come to understand and finally know this is irrelevant.

This is when you recognise trying to join “ONEness Clubs” is sublimely ridiculous… ha ha ha!

And trying to regulate the vastness of the ONE energy, the All Of It, is supreme ignorance 🙂

When you go beyond Reiki, when you drop all the rituals and stop using symbols and methods and names and regulations…

…then you KNOW.

When you KNOW there is only YOU – freedom and the wind 🙂

Fly like the wind,

Judith 🙂

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